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Tailgating with Venustas Heated Hoodie

25 Mar 2022

Scott, who lives in Minnesota and loves tailgating, finds out that Venustas heated hoodie is a nice choice for everyone to use while tailgating in the parking lot or even enjoying the game day from the fish hut.


People who live in Minnesota are hearty folk, and most of them enjoy cold-weather activities. Minnesotans would choose snowmobiling, ice fishing, outdoor hockey, ice skating, skiing, and other fun games you can just imagine during winter.

“Also, there are something else we have to do, such as shoveling and removing snow from the cars, driveways and sidewalks after a winter blizzard, which is pretty common.” Says Scott, “Everyone in this area knows all about dressing in layers and we need to figure out the balance between wearing warm and keeping the flexibility of body.”

Living in Minnesota can really be a challenge for people who loves the outdoor- winter here can be long and cold. “If you are that kind of person who gets cold very often, you will be really disappointed on the cold days. If you are spending time outside, moving around does help when you keep moving. However, if you are just standing in a frozen parking lot while holding an ice-cold drink and waiting for the game to start, it can be really, really cold...”

How does Venustas Heated Hoodie help?

Scott got his heated hoodie in January this year, and he thinks this hoodie is really helpful when tailgating. He wears this hoodie and even tests it at minus 19°F. “Seriously. That’s the temperature outside on earlier January. A lovely and normal day:) I have to admit I was really impressed.” Scott says that he tested this hoodie for two hours while wearing 3 layers, including a Y-shirt under the hoodie and a standard jacket on the top.

“When I went out and just stand here, the cold didn’t feel terrible at all.” He says, “The heating elements are located in the appropriate areas and keep my chest, back and hands warm and toasty.” When talking about the advantages of this heated hoodie, Scott says that the adjustable heating option is very useful. There are 3 levels of heat so that he can adjust the temperature accordingly. “The HIGH setting is just wonderful! When I standing idle at -19°F, it can keep me warm and comfortable. After a while, I start to feel hot so I need to turn it down to MEDIUM.”


A Brand New Heated Hoodie

Venustas adopts the newest technology and materials to upgrade the heated hoodie. The new heating system is now constructed with graphene heating elements, which are the strongest and the most efficient elements in the heating apparel industry. The hoodie is designed for both men and women. Get yourself an awesome self-heating hoodie! And it’s now on sale for 20% off!


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Heated apparel 5V

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