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15 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Spring Camping Tips 2022

With milder weather around the corner, there’s nothing better than going out for hiking and setting up a tent. We’ve put together passage of camping tips to make sure your camping trip doesn’t end up in a soggy muddy accident.

1. Pack Warm Clothing

The evenings of spring are anything but warm. A water-resistant, heated jacket can get yourself prepared for the light rain and falling temperature. Dressing in layers is necessary. For example, you can wear a shirt to be the base layer and wear a heated vest on it. You can turn off the vest if it's unusually warm or remove it. If the weather turns cold, you can turn on the vest. You will never go wrong with a long-sleeved shirt and a lightweight vest in spring.

2. Check the Forecast

Check the forecast before you hit on the road. The unpredictable weather patterns are the big factors when it comes to camping. It can be sunny and warm during the day and freezing cold with light rain at night. Yes, it's not uncommon to see the rain. After all, April showers bring May flowers.

The night in the spring can be freezing, so it's essential to pack and dress in the correct way. Wear layers, use a heated vest and pack your sleeping bags. Choose a sleeping bag that is well-insulated and can withstand the cold below 40 degrees. Use an air mattress or sleeping pad to create some distance between your body and the cold and the wet ground. Wear a heated wearable blanket that can provide extra warmth to get through the low temperatures.

3. Get Ready for Moisture

Weather transaction brings a lot of moisture. The melting snow and rain can muddy up paths and make it hard to find a dry, flat spot to set up a tent. To be honest, it can be so wet and cold that you might need to pack your winter gear with you.

Dress a wicking base layer. Avoid cotton when it's wet outside, and bring extra layers for unpredictable temperature dips. Add extra socks, a raincoat, and a heated jacket that can keep you warm and toasty. Get ready for the unpredictable rain by waterproofing your equipment and bring dry bags, extra towels, and tarps.

Sleep on a waterproof pad so that moisture doesn't penetrate your sleeping bag through the bottom of the tent. When you're cold, try to exhale outside of your sleeping bag or turn on your heated vest to keep the cold away.

 4. Choose the Cooking Essentials

Make your camping time more enjoyable with some hot, fresh meals! Your body will use more energy to keep warm and active, so it's essential to plan for a healthy and delicious meal.

Prep soups, stews, curries, and casseroles at home, then heat them up at camp. Pack a backpacking stove so you can make tea, coffee, and hot chocolate when you inevitably feel cold.

 5. Bring A First Aid Kit

Always remember to get ready with a first aid kit. Cuts and scrapes happen from time to time, especially when you are setting up the tent. You need to prepare things like adhesive bandages, gauze pads, sterile wipes, hydrocortisone cream, hydrogen peroxide, tweezers, aspirin, and any prescription meds at hand.

Don't let the unpredictable weather and preventable accident stop your adventure. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your spring camping trip is a good one.


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