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Mountaineering Guide for Beginners

29 Jun 2022 0 Comments

“One of my recent favorite sports is mountain climbing, but I have never experienced climbing. Now, I am looking for a practical climbing guide for beginners.”

As outdoor activities enjoy unprecedented popularity all over the world, more and more people are taking interest in mountaineering. Some of them blindly follow the mountain-climbing boom without making full preparation like reading the climbing guide in advance, which easily brings them an unpleasant experience and even contributes to some accidents. So, this blog will assist those who intend to attempt to climb mountains.


Choose suitable climbing destinations

It is the most significant step to choose climbing destinations meaning the exact difficulty of climbing for mountaineering beginners.


As a beginner, you should not overestimate your abilities to pick a mountain that features high altitudes and complex terrain because you lack a great wealth of climbing experience. Normally, it is reasonable to spend one to three days climbing mountains for first-time mountain climbers. In addition, there are no glaciers and special climbing routes that need technical climbing equipment to overcome along the mountain you choose.

Build up the body strength

It is well known that mountaineering is a form of outdoor activity that requires you have a strong body and basic climbing skills. So, it is essential to strengthen your endurance and strength before your first climbing try.

Build up body strength

Some people say that there is no need to build up body strength just because of an outdoor sport. They simply think mountaineering is to add a different flavor to life rather than torturing themselves, but this idea is completely wrong. Making an exercise plan for climbing is effectively to prevent you from lacking physical strength during mountaineering. Most importantly, you should adhere to exercise every day to lay a solid foundation for climbing. If that’s not enough for you, you could take some climbing courses.

Prepare adequate climbing gear

Climbing gear greatly depends on the type of mountain you choose. So, it is necessary to prepare the right climbing gear.

Climbing gear

Generally speaking, beginners are not recommended to climb mountains filled with challenges and difficulties. Therefore, they should take some basic equipment like alpenstock, climbing boot, mountaineering bag and so on. In terms of diet, water, sugar and ship biscuits regarded as essential items can replenish the body’s energy in a short time. Maybe some people get high altitude sickness in the middle, so you must prepare some medicines. Moreover, wearing comfortable clothes like a heated vest or heated jacket to climb can allow you to move more agile and safe.

Hire a certified mountain guide

It is dangerous to climb mountains alone for beginners for the reason is that they are not familiar with the climbing environment or skills. So, hiring an experienced mountain guide is a must.

Mountain guide

There has been much news suggesting someone who mountaineered alone got loss or have accidents in mountains, which reminds beginners should not act on their own. Hiring a certified mountain guide not only can teach you some climbing knowledge but also guarantee you have a safe climbing experience. If you are financially unable to hire a guide, we strongly suggest you climb mountains together with some climbers.

Take a proper break

Some people believe that it is a good idea to climb the mountain at one time. But sometimes it easily backfires.

Take a proper break

Taking a proper break during mountaineering is a right way to prevent fatigue. In most cases, the rest time depends on the climber’s physical power and outdoor environment. You can adjust the time according to the actual condition. During breaking, you can eat some food to replenish your strength or do some stretching exercises to relax your muscles.

All in all, mountaineering beginners should attach importance to the climbing guide. If you start to climb mountains, you should follow the above climbing tips designed for inexperienced climbers and then enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains.


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