Men’s Heated Jacket Buying Guide: Fleece vs Down

As temperatures drop out, a heated jacket is an essential kit for adventure men in freezing.

A heated jacket is a battery-heat jacket that provides warmth across the body. It provides you with warmth and strength to beat the cold, freeing your space in various outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, or skating.

Not all heated jackets are the same. Most are made of different fabrics to make them better than the competitors. Heated fleece jackets and heated down jackets are common considerations. It is hard to decide which one is best. In this article, we debate the difference between fleece and down to show their performance.

Whats the difference between fleece and down?


Warmth is the principal consideration when you are choosing a heated fleece jacket or heated down jacket.

Fleece and down are commonly used in winter jackets to enhance thermal insulation. Both can effectively prevent heat loss to insulate the body from the cold environment.

Down Jacket

In comparison to fleece, a down jacket has better effect of thermal protection. The warmth provided by a down jacket depends on the down content and containing fabric quantity. Generally, it would be warmer if the down content is about 90% and the quantity is up to 200g. If you live in an extremely cold place or you’re sensitive to cold weather, a heated down jacket would be the best choice.

Fleece Jacket

Fleeces are classified into various types with different thermal degrees. But the fleece provides great breathability to absorb the sweat in adventure. It can be perfect outdoor wear in chilly fall, without any bulky experience.

Waterproof ability

Waterproof performance is what an outdoor man always considers in the purchase of a heated jacket. It’s inevitable to confront rainy days or snowy days on the road to adventure or work. If it forecasts wet weather, the waterproof ability would be very important.

Waterproof Ability

As tested, fleece and down both perform poorly in the waterproof aspect. Compared with the latter, fleece has some advantages to prevent little wet and dry quickly. A down jacket gives you more weight when it is stuck in the pouring rain, and it normally takes a long time to dry.

Waterproof Fabric

Although both lack excellent waterproof ability, the shell of the heated jacket makes up for the disadvantage. Heated jacket shells normally are made of waterproof materials, like polyester or nylon. Some even use DWR (Durable Water Repellant) against heavy rain, which gives users the power to deal with unpredictable weather.


A winter jacket normally is more expensive than others because of its great overall performance. Most people believe a heated jacket can be wore at least 2 or 3 years. So, its durability should be taken into account.


Fleece, as synthetic material, is mainly made from polyester fibers featuring toughness. This fabric is not easy to out of shape, which can against abrasion on most occasions. Although some people always complain fleece is easy to pilling, the performance makes it still stand out in the market.


By contrast, down jackets are prone to leaking feathers after several washing. And it finally would become less warm. If you want to keep the performance of the down jacket, we suggest that maybe you can decrease the time or avoid machine-wash as much as possible.

Heated Fleece Jacket vs Heated Down Jacket

Heated fleece jackets and heated down jackets have no large difference in performance. Either can provide warmth to the body. To make an easy choice, we compare the two styles of Venustas heated jacket



Waterproof ability





Venustas Men's Fleece Heated Jacket 7.4V






Slim Fit



Venustas Men's Down Heated Jacket 7.4V






Regular Fit





In conclusion, fleece and down are the excellent fabrics used in the inner layers of heated jackets. No matter which one you choose, it would be your best companion this winter.


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