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How to Troubleshoot Your Heated Jacket?

by Little Sloth 16 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Venustas heated jacket is similar to the regular winter jacket but has heating panels inside powered by a rechargeable battery to keep your upper body warm. And the heated jackets have adjustable temperature settings, USB ports, etc. It's an excellent choice for hiking, skiing, fishing, and hunting, and is a must-have for cold-weather workers.

But sometimes things don’t always go as planned. To help you figure out what the problem could possibly be with your heated jacket and how to fix them. We’ve created a comprehensive step-by-step guide with some tips to help you.

Common Problems with Heated Jackets and Solutions

Typical problems with heated jackets include failure to heat up, uneven heating, battery draining quickly, overheating, etc. 

  • Not Heating

The first thing to check is the power source. Most heated jackets needs a power bank to provide power, if you disconnect the power bank, the heated jacket will stop working. Remember, never plug the heated jacket into the outlet because it might damage your apparel.


Step1: After the battery is fully charged. Hold the power button on your apparel for 3-5 seconds, are there red/blue/white lights? If it doesn't flash, please follow the step 2.

Step2: Check the connection between the battery port and the wire on the clothes is loose. If it's, there maybe something wrong with the battery or apparel.

Step3: After connecting to the jacket, if the battery pack displays 0, meanwhile your mobile phone can be charged, but your jacket doesn't work, it means there is something wrong with your jacket. If the battery pack cannot power your mobile phone and your jacket, please contact us. We will replace the battery or jacket for free if your purchase is under warranty!

  • Uneven Heating
  1. The heating systemuses carbon fiber elements displaced in different areas, connected by wires. If any wire has short circuit, or other problems, the heat may not be distributed evenly.
  2. Carbon fiber elements of poor quality may cause uneven heating, making it  difficult to work normally.Some heated areas maybe could not generate  enough warmth yet while others could be overheating.



    1. Find out whether the heated jacket is unevenly heated by letting others wear it. Sometimes, everyone feels warmth at different levels. So, it may not be the problem ofuneven heating.
    2. If the answer is yes, you have an apparel defect! Please reach out to with photos and a detailed descriptionand we will replace the apparel for free.
    • Fast Battery Drain

    Why does my battery pack seem to die so quickly? Someone feels confused.

    The main reasons for rapid battery pack drain are as follows:

    • The longer you use it, the faster the battery will drain;
    • Poor quality;
    • The battery will also slowly consume power during storage. The longer the battery is stored, the more it will be consumed, which will affect its actual use time;
    • Natural environmental factors:

     Low temperature is easy to casue the battery release low voltage, which may lead to a shortened life;

           High humidity may interfere with the normal discharge of the battery;

    As altitude increases, the lower oxygen content in the air could        accelerates the power consumption.


    • Keep a Certain Amount of Power Storage. Please keep the battery at a certain power level (neither empty nor fully charged) if you plan to store it for a long time.
    • Charge It Even If Not Use. Every 3-6 months, it is recommended to charge the battery to maintain its performance.
    • Store at the Right Temperature.It is recommended to store the battery in a room that is between 77 and 2 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Away from Moisture.Keep the battery pack where the relative humidity is 65±20% RH.
    • Overheating

    You might also be bothered by situations like catching fire or overheat. These conditions are frequently caused by poor wiring.


    It's important to check whether the manufacturers are conducting tests on the heated jacket to ensure your safety. You also need to inspect the heated jacket after making a purchase, and carefully look at every detail in the jacket. Besides, it may be somehting wrong with the heated system. You can contact the cutomer service for help.

    How to Maintain Your Heated Jacket and Included Battery Pack?

    For Heated Jacket:

    Using: It is recommended to use medium and low temperatures setting, as these are the most comfortable settings. Prolonged use of high heat temperatures is not recommended as it may cause overheating or physical discomfort.

    Cleaning: Before washing your heated jacket, remove the battery pack, place all cords in the pocket and zip up. Put heated clothes in a laundry mesh bag before washing. Do not tumble dry or iron. Finally, let it dry naturally.

    Store: Disconnect the battery from the heated jacket when not in use. Keep the battery at least 25% charged when the electric jacket is not in use for an extended period of time.

    For Battery Pack:

    • For initial use, it is necessary to fully charge the battery.
    • Stop charging after it has fully charged.
    • Use the original charger for the Power Bank.
    • Don't connect any devices when charging.
    • Regularly charge the battery every 3 monthto extend the service life.
    • Do not throw, knock or vibrate the power bank.
    • Make sure it is charged and store it in a cool and dry


    If your Venustas heated jacket has some problems, take it easy. What you need to do is find the root of the problem and fix it according to our instructions. If you still cannot fix the issue, you can contact customer service via email ( with detailed information.

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    Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

    Heated apparel 5V

    Heated apparel 7.4V

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