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How to Stay Warm While Skiing

19 Jul 2022 0 Comments

“I am enthusiastic about skiing but I hate cold. So I am in a dilemma when my friend invites me to have a skiing trip. Do you know how to stay warm while skiing?”.

How to Stay Warm While Skiing

As one of the most thrilling outdoor sports, skiing enjoys great popularity among many people. Some people claim that skiing is a perfect combination of speed, passion, scenery and friends. That means that they can not only indulge in the extreme excitement when skiing down the hill but also make friends with the same hobbies. But the biggest challenge for skiing is to keep ourselves warm from head to feet because skiing is performed in extraordinary freezing temperatures. To give you a better experience, the blog will cover the best way to stay warm while skiing.

Protect head and ears

Potentially, skiing is a dangerous sport that requires you to take all necessary precautions to prevent injury. In fact, the most frequently injured part of our body is the head. So, a helmet is a necessary skiing item that can provide your head with a warm environment.

Protect head and ears

Maybe some people prefer to wear a woolen hat in skiing, but there are some security issues. Compared with a ski helmet, a woolen hat cannot provide adequate protection to the head and ears, which potentially increases the risk of injury when falling or slipping. Besides that, the ski helmet is functional for it not only gets rid of the issue of remaining snow on the head but can be equipped with a GoPro to capture your nice skiing photos.

Dress in layers

Inevitably, every skier would slip or fall in their skiing life. Therefore, wearing skiing clothing featuring good effects in waterproof and windproof is a must.

Dress in layers

For skiing clothing, the key to comfort greatly depends on the layer. Primarily, you should choose an appropriate base layer made from synthetics or wool which can wick the moisture from your body. As for the mid-layer, we suggest that you should select clothing materials that perform well in thermal insulation like down or fleece. In addition, the outer layer must be water-resistant and wind-resistant to solve the problem of getting soaked by snow. Here we recommend you can take a specialized ski jacket or a heated jacket.

Keep hands and feet warm

There is no doubt that hands and feet play an important role in skiing. Sometimes we find that it is miserable when skiing on the slopes with cold hands and cold feet. Hence, it is important to keep your hands and feet warm.

Keep hands and feet warm

Starting with hands, you can wear a pair of high-quality ski gloves rather than ordinary gloves. Or maybe heated gloves featuring long-lasting warmth and excellent waterproof ability are perfect pick for skiing. Moreover, keeping feet warm is crucial to the skiing experience. There’s nothing better like wearing a pair of thin skin-specific socks for it not only can wick away moisture but allow you to enjoy skiing for a long time.

Dry out skiing gear

Most skiers say that one of the most essential things is to keep skiing equipment dry after skiing because wetness is bad for us.

Dry out skiing gear

Getting wet is inevitable in skiing because of the snow. Every time we are done skiing, we should shake off the snow from any skiing gear, which can against the moisture to prevent us from catching a cold. Besides that, the skiing gear should be stored in a warm and dry room to make a good preparation for your next skiing.

Have a hot meal or drink

As we all know, skiing is a form of intense exercise that needs you to consume an amount of physical energy. So, it is necessary to replenish the energy in time during skiing.

Have a hot meal or hot drink after skiing

It is a common problem that some skiers feel cold and hungry after skiing. To fix the issue, the simplest way is to have a hot drink that can make you feel a sense of warmth embracing you. In addition, there are many restaurants providing a variety of delicious food in the ski resorts. It is nice to have a hot meal with your friends when finishing the enjoyable skiing.

All in all, the above practical tips provide a better solution to the problem of how to stay warm while skiing. Believe us, the warmer you are, the more comfortable you will be. Now, take these tips to embrace the freedom and fun of skiing.


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