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How To Layer For The Outdoor

21 Mar 2022 0 Comments

For hikers, climbers, and trail runners who love the outdoors and spend a lot of time outside during spring, fall, winter, and even summer, get ready for the outside is always important. Whether you are going for just a gentle stroll or attending a serious hike, it's really essential to dress appropriately- and it's really a big challenge because you can feel hot one minute and cold next time.

In fact, temperatures below about 60 ℉ are cold enough to cause hypothermia. However, when we start to exercise for a while, we can sweat, ignoring the temp is well below freezing- this will make you feel cold since sweat conducts heat away from the body.

So what is the key to comfort? The layers.


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Three Tricks To Select The Right Layers

The first and the most important step: pick the appropriate base layer. The base layer must be able to wick moisture from your body, keep your body warm and toasty, but not get too warm. You can choose a long-sleeve, lightweight T-shirt with a stand collar that can prevent the wind during spring and fall. During winter, wearing a thin and lightweight T-shirt for maximum wicking and then wearing a warmer jacket or heated vest can be a better option.

Going out with a light package is a smart choice in a day trip or a shorter workout. Choose a 3-in-1 heated jacket that is windproof and has excellent breathability. Less is more. To make your package lighter, a water-resistant jacket is all you need when hiking as it can prevent the wind and light rain and provide extra warmth.

For multi-day trips, you should prepare well for unpredictable weather conditions like rain, wind, and falling temperatures. Choose a wool or a synthetics (polyester and nylon) base layer and a middle layer like a heated vest or a heated hoodie, which is insulated enough to withstand the cold. What's more, carrying a solid raincoat for strong wind and rain is also essential.


Layering Combination For Different Seasons

Spring and Fall: Heated jacket/vest + Long-sleeve top

Choose a jacket or vest according to the temperature to be well prepared for the seasonal transaction. But if you encounter the rapidly dropping temperature when you are wearing the heated vest, please turn the power on, and you will feel warm almost immediately.


Summer: Raincoat + Breathable short-sleeve shirt

If you are hiking or trekking, a breathable and lightweight short-sleeve shirt is ideal for keeping you comfortable and cool. It's a good idea to pack a raincoat and your other dry layers in your package in case of the changing weather.


Winter: Heated jacket + Heated vest + Long-sleeve top

This combination is for the extreme cold temperature. The heated jacket and heated vest will provide additional warmth to keep you warm and toasty. And also, they are lightweight and breathable enough to keep your movement light and free.

There you have it! We hope we've given you enough advice and inspiration to form your own outdoor outfits by layering clothes.


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