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26 May 2023 0 Comments

How Much Electricity Does a Heated Jacket Use?

“Love this heated jacket. It warms up in minutes and keeps warm for hours.”

“That sounds great. Since it’s powered by battery, do you know how much electricity a jacket use?”

How Much Electricity Does a Heated Jacket Use?

To get away from heavy clothing, the idea of heated jackets offers an alternative option and makes lightweight warmth accessible. Built with a heating system, a heated jacket simply generate heat when the included battery plugs into the apparel and press the button. It’s the advanced heating technology that ensures the jacket can warm up in minutes while a traditional jacket only depends on the insulation to keep warm.

That’s to say, batteries are the power source for heated jackets. And the batteries need to be charged and then they have power to heat up the heating elements in jackets. So, how much electricity does a heated jacket use?

Usage of heated jackets

Electric heated jackets feature a few awesome things to beat the cold: an effective heating system, an adjustable heating setting, and a long-lasting battery. It’s a great outwear for all walks of life.

Outdoor Activties

  • Outdoor activities. Heated jackets are a great option for outdoor lovers who always stay in harsh environments. For example, when they climb snow mountains, a heated jacket can warm the body in a few seconds to enjoy the outdoor life for long periods.
  • Work use. Many people who work outside in cold environments need lightweight and comfortable heated jackets to enhance their working efficiencies, like construction workers, drivers, teachers, and doctors.
  • Daily commutes. Sometimes it’s tough to commute from home to the workplace on cold days, whether you’re walking, riding a bicycle, or taking a bus or subway. So, it’s advisable to wear a heated jacket to give you quick warmth when you go out.

Factors affecting the electricity

Heated jackets transform electric current into heat to provide warmth for wearers. And there are several factors affecting the electricity consumption of heated jackets.

Heating elements.

 Heating elements

Heating elements are crucial for heating system for that they are responsible for converting electrical energy into heat. Not all heating elements are the same and they’re different in materials featuring different functions. Typically, carbon fiber and graphene heating elements are commonly used because both can heat up in minutes while consuming minimal electricity. Also, the more heating elements, the greater the electricity consumption.

Heating levels

Heating levels

Heated jackets are designed with adjustable heating settings to provide the perfect level of warmth for wearers. Normally, there are three heating levels(low, medium, and high) indicating different temperatures. If wearers adjust the jacket at high level, it could use more electricity. That’s why the battery runs faster at high level.

Use condition

It’s known that the performance of something declines after long-time use. So do heated jackets. If someone always uses a heated jacket for several years or doesn’t maintain the jacket properly, the jacket maybe consumes more electricity in the same heating hours compared with the original condition.  


Snow Weather

The weather condition can affect the performance of heated jackets. In extremely cold temperatures, the battery may run faster because the jacket needs more power to maintain the desired warmth. So, if you head to the cold area, please remember to take an extra battery.

How Much Electricity Does a Heated Jacket Use?

Now we know that electricity consumption depends on several factors, including heating elements, heating settings, using conditions, or temperature. And do you know how much electricity a heated jacket consumes?


To calculate the electricity consumption of a heated jacket, it needs to know the voltage and capacity of the power bank. As we can find, there are three common types of batteries on the market: 5V, 7.4V, and 12V. And the battery capacity ranges from 4,800mAh to 10,000mAh. So, as a rough estimate, the battery power of heated jackets is from 30 watts to 50 watts.



All in all, a heated jacket is powered by batteries to provide warmth. It’s worth our investment because it can keep our body toasty quickly and maintain the warmth long-lasting without consuming a lot of electricity.  


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