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Heat Up Your Golf Game: 3 Tips to Keep Warm and Comfortable

15 Sep 2023 0 Comments

“I am a golf enthusiast. However, when the winter arrives, I have to put my clubs away because I find it’s tough to play golf with shivering body and freezing hands.”

Golf is an all-season outdoor activity. Whether in the hot summer or cold winter, golfing is a good way to exercise the body and relax our mind. But for some golfers who live in extremely cold places, the weather always is the biggest challenge for them. Well, there’s no need to worry. Here’s a secret to solve this issue: Being prepared before playing.

Winter Golf

So, we write this comprehensive guide to help you enjoy winter golf. From tips for keeping your body warm to our recommendations, including Venustas heated vest, heated hoodies, and heated gloves, we will make your cold-weather golfing experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Overview of golf

History of golf

Golf has come into the world over the years. When it comes to the origin of golf, there are many debates. But there’s no doubt that the Scotchmen established a foundation for the modern version of the sport in the 15th century. After that, the information about how to play golf has been marked on books until the 16th. In the 19th century, golf began to become popular around the world.

Golf rule


When playing golf, it’s essential to follow specific rules. Typically, golf regulations and procedures are administered by The R&A and the United States Golf Association (USGA). In the following, we conclude some important rules for you:

  • Play from: stroke play and match play are most common. As its name suggests, stroke play counts the total number of strokes taken throughout the round and the winner is who has the fewest strokes at the end. In match play, each hole is a separate competition and players have the opportunity to get 1 point in each hole. Finally, the player with the highest score is the winner.
  • Playing order: Typically, the order of the play is established by specific rules before the game. Once the game has begun, the first player is who is farthest from the hole.
  • Tee off: Players begin to play in a designated area, typically called a tee box.
  • Playing the ball: Unless breaking the rules, players must hit the ball from where they stop in the last turn. If there’s something obstructing the game, like leaves or litter, it’s allowed to remove them.   
  • Out of bound: If the ball is out of bound or missed, the players have to return to the original tee box and re-hit the ball with a one-stroke penalty

Golf equipment


Golf hubs: It typically consist of three parts: the club grip, shaft, and club head. The common golf hubs include woods, irons, wedges, and putters.

Golf ball: It has a round spherical body, usually made of rubber or other soft materials. There are different types of balls with different features, such as flight distance, spin speed, and flight trajectory. Players should choose the golf ball based on their playing style and preferences.

Golf bag: Use to store the golf equipment, such as golf hubs, golf balls, and other items.  

3 tips to keep warm and comfortable when playing golf

Be prepared

Keeping the body warm can facilitate the swing motion and improve concentration when you play golf. So, the most important thing is to prepare clothing to warm your body. Although we cannot change the weather, dress appropriately can ensure exceptional performance.

Be prepared for winter golf

  • Layer up with a lightweight jacket, vest, or hoodie to ensure motion flexibility on the golf course. It’s not advisable to choose a big coat or puffer jacket because they can hinder the swing and lead to a higher risk of injury. Also, if you play in an extremely cold place, the heated apparel is a great choice.
  • A water-resistant jacket or raincoat is essential to prevent unpredictable weather during golf games.
  • The thermal pants are necessary to keep the lower body warm. For more warmth, players can choose heated thermal pants.
  • Gloves and socks are also important. Make sure the gloves that fit your hands to provide better excellent traction.

Spend more time warming up the body

Warm Up

Warming up the body before playing is a must to prevent injury and keep the body warm. Proper warm-up exercises not only can increase the body temperature to withstand the stresses of physical activity, but also promote blood circulation to improve flexibility. Here we conclude some ways to help you do warm-up exercises.

  • Do stretching exercises to completely stretch the muscles of the whole body, which provides sufficient flexibility to the body without feeling stiff when playing golf. For example, players can hold the golf hub with their hands above the head and stretch it backward to activate the back and shoulders.
  • Swing practice. Before the game starts, players can do some swing practice to help them get into the game state quickly and find the swing position.
  • Take deep breaths. If players are easy to get dressed during golf, they can deeply breathe a few times in advance to relax the mind and body.

Drink hot water to keep hydrated

Hot Water

Hot water matters a lot of to us. It also plays a significant role in enhancing the golf experience. Before playing, golfers can drink hot water to regulate the body temperature and give them motivation. During half-time, it’s a great opportunity to drink a small amount of hot water, which can relieve muscle pain and stiffness after repeatedly swinging for a long time. Finally, when the game ends, hot water can help you keep hydrated and relieve tiredness.

Our golfwear recommendations

Preparing appropriate golfwear is an essential step. In the following, we will share you with the best heated gear for winter golf.

Venustas Mens Fleece Heated Vest 7.4V

Venustas Men's Heated Fleece Vest

This fleece heated vest is crafted with fleece material to ensure softness and warmth. The fleece material is not as fluffy as down, which can perfectly fit your body to swing the golf hub flexibly. 6 carbon fiber heating elements are placed on the core areas to provide targeted warmth, which ensures the body is covered by the warmth during playing. Also, the shell is made of 80% polyester to make it water-resistant, which can protect against elements.

 Venustas Unisex Pullover Heated Hoodie 7.4V

Heated Hoodie

Keep body toasty and flexible with Venustas pullover heated hoodie. This hoodie is a pullover design to make it easy to wear. This hoodie is not puffy like the jacket to restrict movement, but it can provide lightweight and comfortable warmth with an excellent heating system. The 7.4V battery can work up to 8-9 hours, which keeps you warm and focused throughout your round. Also, the hood can shield players from the rain, snow, and wind.

 Venustas Heated Gloves for Men & Women

Venustas Heated Gloves 7.4V

Hands are what we use to swing the golf clubs, so it’s a must to keep them warm and prevent them from stiffing. These Venustas heated gloves are equipped with graphene heating elements to cover the warmth with 10 fingers and the back of the hands. It is designed with adjustable wrist velcro to enable players can modify the fit and perform well during golf. Also, the shell is water-resistant to prevent snow or rain from flowing into the gloves.


With the right tips and gear, winter golf is more interesting and more enjoyable. Keep your body toasty with heated apparel to swing the golf hub flexibly. So, let’s wear the appropriate clothing to challenge the cold weather and enjoy the golf game.

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