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Essential Summer Travel Preparation Checklist for Beginners

06 Jul 2022 0 Comments

“I am so excited because I am going to start my first travel this summer. But there is a vexing problem for me: how to make a travel preparation?”.

In today’s life, as the economic level keeps increasing, travel has become one of the most popular ways for people to relieve their pressure from work or family. According to statistics, most people prefer to plan a trip in summer because most children take their summer vacation from July to August. Summer with more sunny days and more beautiful scenery enables people to enjoy the trip better. In addition, we all know that travel experience greatly relies on travel preparation. So, this blog will show you some essentials about the summer travel preparation checklist.

Determine the travel place

Determine the travel place

In the process of trip preparation, the primary step is to determine the travel place you like. You know, there are definitely many travel destinations listed on people’s travel plans. However, given to many factors like money and time, we rarely have opportunities to plan a trip. So, it is important to choose the best travel place for you.

  • Determine the travel place based on various factors like your preferences, physical condition, economic capability, weather, and so on. Usually, people like to cooler places in high latitudes or high elevations in summer.
  • Remember to read some online reviews to learn something about the travel place. You know, the order situation in some places is poor, which is completely unsuitable for travel.
  • Know some crucial customs about the travel place to get along well with the local people.

Book the ticket and hotel in advance

Book Ticket

It is well known that summer is the tourist peak season. Therefore, advanced booking is very necessary after knowing where you want to go.

  • Compare different modes of transportation from different aspects like price, time and comfort level and choose the cost-effective one. Or you can plan a self-driving tour if you have enough money and time.
  • Use some travel Apps to go through some reviews about the hotel or B&B to judge which one is most suitable for you. Most importantly, remember to confirm the booking with the hotel staff in case of avoiding omission by the hotel.

Plan the travel itinerary

Plan the travel itinerary

Maybe some people believe that it is unnecessary to make a detailed plan about the travel itinerary. But it would cost a lot of travel time to think about the travel routes without planning ahead of time.

  • Make a list of some famous scenic spots in the travel place to plan a timeline, which can squeeze more time to enjoy the travel.
  • Check the weather forecast before starting your journey. But sometimes weather is unpredictable, which requires you should make an alternative plan.

Buy travel insurance

Buy travel insurance

Actually, few tourists buy travel insurance which is regarded as an unnecessary expense for them. However, the fact is that it is a must for us for that it provides a guarantee for personal safety, especially for international travel.

  • Do a research to learn more about the insurance company, particularly its economic conditions.
  • Check the insurance clause and coverage before buying travel insurance.
  • Remember the effective time of insurance. If insurance period is voided during the trip, please extend the insurance in time.

Prepare adequate travel gear

Prepare adequate travel gear

Most people are more likely to pack everything when packing their travel luggage. In order to avoid overpacking, the following will list some practical tips about travel gear for you.

  • Use compression bags to pack clothes. Normally, people take casual T-shirts, dresses or jeans on summer travel. If you visit some cool places, please pack some thick clothes like a heated jacket that is enough for you to withstand the cold.
  • Take a medical kit to prepare for the unexpected. You maybe get some diseases like nausea or dizziness during the travel, so preparing some medicine is a must.
  • Take a camera to record wonderful memories. Although some people think that a mobile phone is enough, the camera has better performance in shooting effects.

In a word, the above useful travel preparation checklists are conducive to your first summer travel. Hope you have an unforgettable journey with the best trip preparation!


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