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Down Jacket VS Heated Jacket, Which One Is More Expensive?

14 Sep 2023

“It’s tough to choose between down jackets and heated jackets. Both could keep the body warm and comfortable on cold days.”

“Which one is more expensive? I think it’s the best to pick a high-value one.”

In our daily use, everyone almost has a down jacket to protect against the cold, whether they are commuting to work or enjoying outdoor activities. It’s one kind of winter outwear that is full of white duck down or geese down to trap the heat effectively and provide warmth.

Winter Jacket

In recent years, with the development of heating technology, heated jackets come into our lives and some people are opting for this innovative option. However, some are still hesitant about the choice between down jackets and heated jackets. The most important consideration is that they think the price should be worth the investment. Well, this blog will talk about their features and prices to help you make an informed choice.

Down Jacket

  • What is a down jacket?

As its name suggests, down jackets are one kind of quilted coat insulated with duck or goose feathers. These feathers can trap warm air and retain heat within the body to beat the cold weather.

Down feathers

If you are looking for a down jacket, most of us are overwhelmed by the number of the label, like 200g, 300g, 400g, or 500g. We call it “down fill power”. Down fill power is a measurement of down quality. The higher the fill power, the more insulating the jacket will be for its weight. Typically, the low fill power is below 300g, the medium fill power ranges from 400-600g, and the high fill power is above 600g. If you would like to buy a lightweight and comfortable down jacket, it’s advisable to choose one with a down fill power rating between 600g and 900g.

  • Advantage

Premium insulation. Compared with other materials, down has always been regarded as the best insulating material. The down material depends on the gap between feathers to trap the heat from the air and prevent heat loss. Also, down feathers are fluffy to form more gaps, which provides excellent insulating ability.

Down Jackets

Lightweight and compressible. Down jackets are naturally lightweight because they are made of small and thick feathers. These feathers have a lower density to create a high volume of insulating air pockets without adding significant weight to the jacket.

Durability. Typically, a down jacket can be used for 3-5 years and they are not easily out of shape.  

  • Disadvantage

One of the most common criticisms of down jackets is that they are easy to clump up and lose their insulation properties when getting wet. Also, down jackets typically require specialized cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, it’s easy to decrease the performance.

  • Price

The price of a down jacket varies because it depends on a lot of factors, like material, down fill power, design, function, and so on. Normally, mid-high-end down jackets are sold at the price of $200-$1000. And some functional down jackets targeted for specialized outdoor sports may have higher prices.

Heated Jacket

  • What’s a heated jacket?

Heated jackets are one kind of fantastic clothing built with the heating system. Because of the electricity properties, such jacket can generate heat automatically across the body.

 Heated Jacket

The heating system usually refers to three parts: heating elements, heating setting, and battery. Heating elements are sewn into the clothing fabric and placed in the core areas. The battery is specially designated to be placed in the inside pocket of the apparel to power the heating elements. When plugging the cable into the battery port, the battery can transfer the electricity energy to activate heating elements, and then these elements transfer the heat to the body. Also, the heating setting enables wearers to adjust the warmth.

  • Advantage

Exceptional warmth. With the heating system, heating jackets can provide consistent warmth in cold weather. They give people more opportunities to challenge different types of cold. Also, wears can enjoy customized warmth thanks to the adjustable heating settings.

Water-resistant shell

Water-resistance & Worn-resistance. Typically, heated jackets are made of water-resistant materials to protect against the elements, like nylon and polyester. Also, these materials are durable enough to withstand harsh environments, making it a perfect choice for outdoor activities.

Lightweight. With a heated jacket, there’s no need to wear too many clothes on cold days. It’s a great option to get rid of the bulky on the body.

  • Disadvantage

Require electricity. Heated jackets are powered by the battery to generate heat. So, if you stay in one place without electricity for long periods, it’s a issue to power your apparel.

  • Price

Normally, heated jackets are more expensive because of the heating technology. Also, the use of materials and design can affect the price. For example, down heated jackets are more expensive than the fleece heated jackets. As we can find on Amazon, the price of heated jackets ranges from $100-$300.

Columbia Down Jacket vs Venustas Heated Jacket

Columbia Men's Autumn Park™ Down Jacket

Columbia Men's Autumn Park™ Down Jacket

  • Features

Material: Shell: 100% polyester | Lining: Omni-Heat™ Reflective lining 100% polyester | Insulation: 650 Fill Power Down Insulation, RDS Certified | Insulation (Side Panels): 200g MicroTemp XF II 85% Recycled Polyester/ 15% Polyester

Color: dark stone & shark, warp red & shark, black, collegiate navy

Design: Zippered hand and chest pockets | Binding at cuffs

Price: $170

What we like:

This jacket is insulated with 650 fill power down, which can provide excellent warmth, softness, and comfort to the body. And one of the best parts is the Omni-Heat™ Reflective lining. This feature can reflect the heat to the body, which provides extra warmth. Also, there are four colors available to meet various needs.

What we don’t like:

A little puffy

Venustas Men’s Classic Heated Jacket 7.4V

Men's Classic Heated Jacket 7.4V


Material: 100% polyester shell | |new sliver mylar thermal lining

Heating technology: 5 carbon fiber heating elements

Design: Detachable hood&Adjustable hood|YKK zippers|5 pockets

Color: Black

Price: $199.99

What we like:

The best part of this heated jacket is the carbon fiber heating technology. It’s easy to find that carbon fiber heating elements feature stable performance to distribute consistent warmth across the core body. Also, the 100% polyester shell is water-resistant, enabling users to be free on rainy or snowy days. And the adjustable hood can protect from the blowing wind.

What we don’t like:

Only one color

Careful maintenance


All in all, down jackets and heated jackets both are great for cold weather. And there’s no answer to evaluate which is more expensive. The price depends on various factors, like material, function, design, and so on. So, no matter which one you pick, it’s essential to check the review, compare the price and performance to choose a jacket that values your money.

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