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Does Heated Vest Really Keep You Warm?

14 Nov 2022 0 Comments

As cold weather becomes frequent and normal, it’s urgent to looking for some way or invent something to keep warm. Most companies grasp this opportunity to develop cold weather gear to make a lot of profits. Heated vest is one of a kind.

Heated Vest

It’s claimed that heated vest is powered by a battery to generate heat across the body. But some people remain uncertain about this apparel and even consider it as a new creative only to attract attention.

“Is it really better than the ordinary vest?” or “Does it really keep me warm?” has become a common concern. Well, don’t worry. It’s safe to tell you that heated vests can really work. Let’s get more details in this blog.

Heated vest introduction

To answer the above questions, it is crucial to focus on heated vest itself.

As introduced, heated vests are completely controlled by the heating system. It mainly includes heating elements and heating wires. Once the battery connects to the heated vest, the electricity can be conducted to the heating elements through wires. And then the warmth covers the apparel in seconds.

Heating System

Secondly, we cannot ignore the material, no matter the heating elements or clothing. In the heated apparel industry, carbon fiber and graphene are commonly used in heating elements because both perform well in thermal conductivity. Also, its clothing fabric makes it different. Given practicability, the outer layer normally adopts polyester fabric or special DWP to enhance the water-resistant ability. To highlight its comfort and warmth, the inner layer is more likely to craft thermal fabric like nylon or fleece.

Heated Vest material

Plus, the heated vest design facilitates its performance. Some heated vests are designed with a hood to effectively protect the head and ears on rainy days or snowy days. Some with multiple pockets enable you to store more items. And some even consider a stand collar design to make the warmth cover the neck area.

 Heated vest design

Finally, don’t forget the battery. For a heated vest, it maintains its life to provide warmth. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly packed with a heated vest owing to their safety, sustainability, and functionality. As tested, a battery can averagely work up to 8 or 9 hours at a low level. So, it can create a comfortable environment for working or sleeping.

Heated Vest Battery

Heated vest feedback

Maybe it’s not enough to put attention on the heated vest. Some people cannot completely believe the product description because some manufacturers sometimes would exaggerate their products. So, it is essential to attach great importance to the heated vest feedback. Below we collect some reliable feedback to help you know more about heated vests.

 Reliable Feedback

“It’s amazing to wear a heated vest. Yeah, it really provides me warmth as described. Last winter, I took it to go hiking in Olympic National Park. Its performance is beyond my expectation!”

“Heated vest is easy to use. Just press the button on the front and then I can feel the warmth in seconds. I think maybe I can give up my ordinary vest, hahaha...”

“I love love love the heated vest very much and I also brought one piece for my mother. It’s a great gift. My mom always wears it in winter, no matter indoors or outdoors.”

“It absolutely deserves my money. Everything about the heated vest fits me perfectly. It’s a heated vest that takes the edge off the cold weather!!”


“Do heated vests really work?”, Yes, they do. All in all, heated vest introduction is in line with the heated vest feedback. So, just be ready to buy a heated vest for this winter!


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