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Cross-country Running Tips for Beginners

14 Jul 2022 0 Comments

“It seems it is a tendency that more and more people are interested in cross-country running, and so am I. But as a beginner, I don’t know how to start my cross-country running.”

cross-country running

Cross-country running is a sport of running on natural terrain including grass, hills or woodlands. As both an individual and team sport, cross-country running has a lot of benefits. Obviously, it not only enhances the ability to balance the body but also adjusts the mood. It is also a challenging sport because it requires runners to have a strong body and learn some skillful cross-running tips, especially for beginners. Here we will collect some essential cross-country running tips to help you make a start.

Build a base for cross-country running

As we all know, it is difficult to carry out further work without building a solid base. So, establishing the basics for cross-country running is the primary step for beginners.

Build a base for cross-country running

  • Take professional training courses. It would hurt your body if you don’t train systemically in advance because the sport usually takes an enormous amount of energy. Therefore, the suitable way is to ask for the help of professionals to make a customized training course like breathing tips for running
  • Join a club. Sometimes it is not easy to stick to training alone. So, joining the club not only help you get more knowledge about the cross-country running but also make friends who have similar interest to you.
  • Pay attention to diet. Normally, you would consume lots of energy in the training, which requires you should eat some nutritious food like eggs, meats and vegetables. Moreover, keeping a light and healthy diet habit is conducive to building a strong body.

Pick a suitable cross-country running place

For beginners, it is necessary to select a cross-country running place that is suitable for them. Here are some suggestions that they can consider to make the right choice.

Pick a suitable cross-country running place

  • Natural obstacles. Compared with ordinary running, the cross-country running road usually made up of natural obstacles like rocks or tree roots is more complex. In addition, we suggest that beginners run on the road that has fewer obstacles.
  • Beautiful scenery. Running on the road filled with beautiful natural scenery enables you to get close to nature, enjoy the fresh air and have a good mood.
  • Soft surface. It is comfortable to run on the soft surface, which allows you not easy to get tired.

Prepare essential equipment

Making good preparation for running gear is equally important. Only with adequate equipment, you can start your cross-country running.

Prepare essential equipment

  • Cross-country shoes. A pair of shoes specially designed for cross-country running should have better grip and traction to adapt to different terrains. Choosing suitable running shoes can provide better protection for your feet.
  • Clothing. Normally, the cross-country season is in the fall or winter, which means runners may expect unpredictable weather like rain or snow during running. So, wearing clothes featuring good performance in breathability and waterproof ability is necessary.  Here we recommend you can wear a water-resistant heated jacket when running in winter.
  • Water. You know, some runners can dehydrate very quickly. So, mineral water is a must for cross-country running because it can replenish energy in a short time.
  • Other equipment. You can choose the necessary equipment according to the actual condition. If you run at dawn or in the evening, you should prepare a headlamp or flashlight. If you are not familiar with the terrain, you should take a map.

Take adequate safety measures

No matter what running place you choose or how many miles you run, the most important thing is to ensure your safety.

Take adequate safety measures

  • Do not run alone. It is easy to get lost if you run alone. As the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Running with others can provide many solutions when being in trouble.
  • Learn how to read the map and use a compass. Although the mobile phone is equipped with GPS, there is no signal in some remote places. So, knowing how to use a map and compass can effectively prevent getting lost.
  • Do not overestimate yourself. There is no need to stick to running if you feel very tired because it would increase the burden on the body.

All in all, the above cross-country running tips for beginners are crucial for your first try. With these practical tips, you can build up a strong body and get enjoyment from cross-country running.


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