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05 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Can I Wear a Heated Jacket in the Rain?

“Is it safe to wear a heated jacket in the rain? As we all know, water is incompatible with electricity.”

Heated jackets have come a long way in constant development. Its competitive performance makes it successfully win one place in the market. It seems all these positive reviews represent the success of the heated jackets, like “heated quickly and evenly”, “comfortable and long-lasting warmth”, or “easy to care”.

Can I wear a heated jacket on the rain?

However, new things always confront some doubts. It is easy to find that the security aspect of heated jacket is a main consideration. As researched, many outdoor people wonder whether they can wear a heated jacket on rainy days. Well, this blog focus on this problem to make an exploration.

Can I wear a heated jacket in the rain?

Heated jackets are designed for winter outdoor activities. So, its water-resistant aspect is essential for most heated apparel manufacturers. To increase reliability, we will lead you to learn more about this aspect.

Battery. Batteries almost are not waterproof. Once it touches the water, the battery may be out of work. With this in mind, most heated jackets are designed with an access pocket to store the battery to prevent rain or snow. Also, some are packed with a waterproof bag to bring users a better experience.


Heating elements. Heating elements inside the heated jackets, cover the core body areas to overcome the cold challenge. Most heating elements are carbon fiber and graphene. Both are commonly used because of outstanding heating performance. Deserving to be mentioned, these heating elements adopt a waterproof design. So, it is safe to wear a heated jacket in the rain.

Heated Elements

Layer material. Most heated jackets combine comfort, warmth, and functionality. It can be seen in its layer material. Starting with the outer shell, it considers functionality. Nylon and polyester are popular fabrics to make a heated jacket better in water-resistant aspects. Also, some even use special DWR. And the inner layer commonly uses thermal fabric like fleece or duck down to make it warmer and breathable.


Clothing method. Most heated jackets are machine washable (Note: Remove the battery before washing). To some extent, it means heated jackets are waterproof. So, let’s wear a waterproof heated jacket to embrace the outdoor freedom on rainy days or snowy days.

washing method

Benefits of the heated jacket.

Except for the waterproof ability, it deserves to talk about other benefits.

Lightweight. Sometimes winter is annoying because we have to wear many layers of clothing. Bulky-wearing experiences decrease our desire to outdoors. With a heated jacket, something would be changed. Most heated jackets are lightweight without compromising the thermal performance. So, it is enough to have a great winter with a heated jacket.

Cold place

Warmth. It’s the most important value for a heated jacket. Sometimes we found that heavy clothes cannot get rid of the cold issue. But a heated jacket with advanced heating technology provides unprecedented warmth even if we live in a bitterly cold place. Also, most are designed with 3 heating settings to satisfy more temperature needs.

Easy to care. Thanks to the human-centered design, the heated jacket can be washed in the machine. Some traditional jackets need to follow careful washing instructions, like avoiding machine washing. That would be an annoyance for those who are busy working because they have to squeeze time to washing the jacket by hand. So, a wash-machinable heated jacket is an ideal choice for everyone.

easy to care


All in all, heated jackets can be used on rainy days. It’s a good choice to keep you warm and protect you from rain or snow on freezing days. Now, just pick a waterproof heated jacket to embrace a wonderful winter!


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