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Can I Interchange Batteries from Different Heated Jackets?

17 Apr 2023 0 Comments

“Hi, I repurchase another heated jacket because of the impressionable heating performance. Last winter, I got one heated jacket and it accompanied me to go through the freezing winter. So I come back this year. And could I interchange batteries from these two heated jackets?”

Battery-operated Heated Jacket

Because of the battery-operated design, a heated jacket starts to become increasingly popular. Compared with traditional jackets, it’s a better option for those who always stay in freezing environments. Users only need a battery to power the heated jacket to generate different levels of warmth, which allows them to get rid of heavy clothes.

Or we can say a heated jacket cannot work without a battery. Sometimes it’s upsetting to find the battery stopped working while some users would like to use another heated jacket battery to fix it. Does it work? We hope this passage can lead you to find the answer.

Heated Jacket Battery Introduction

Generally, a heated system consists of heating elements, heating settings, and batteries, in which the batteries are the key. If users want to turn on the heated jacket, they need to plug the battery into the pocket cable, press the power button, and the heat could cover the heating elements. So, we can say the battery is indispensable.  

Heated Jacket Battery

Most heated jacket batteries are made of lithium because of their excellent performance. But all not batteries are the same. They are mainly varied in capacity and voltage to power different numbers of heating elements and provide different working hours. Typically, the capacity ranges from 4,800 to 10,000, and the common voltage is 5V, 7.4V, and 12V. Also, the battery life depends on the heating level you choose, ranging from 3 hours to 10 hours.

Can I interchange batteries from different heated jackets?

There’s no absolute answer. To be honest, it depends on the heated jacket you buy.

7.4V heated jacket battery and 5V heated jacket battery

If you would like to interchange different heated jacket batteries from the same brand, it may be work but the premise is the voltage is the same. For example, Venustas has 3 types of batteries: 7.4V (4,800mAh), 7.4V(5,000mAh), and 5V(10,000mAh). And all the Venustas 7.4V heated jackets can use the 7.4V(4,800mAh) battery and 7.4V(5,000mAh) battery. So, it means that you can interchange 7.4V heated jacket batteries. Also, 5V batteries and 7.4V batteries cannot interchange. And their main difference in voltage, USB port design, size, and supported number of heating panels.

Heated Jacket Battery

If you would like to interchange different heated jacket batteries from different brands, it can hardly work. Every heated apparel manufacturer has their own specifications and requirements, which requires users should use a specially designated battery with the specific heated jacket. And batteries from various brands are different in voltage, USB port design, and connector, which make it impossible to interchange.

All in all, if you would like to interchange the battery, we suggest that you use the same voltage battery from the same brand to prevent any potential risks. Also, don’t use other power banks to charge the heated jacket.

Heated Jacket Battery Instructions

A battery gives heating elements power to generate warmth, mainly determining the heating hours. So, it’s essential to care the battery for stable performance.

Heated Jacket Battery Instruction

  • Charge the battery before storing. While the weather becomes warm and you plan to put the clothes aside, please remember to charge the battery.
  • Don’t overuse the battery and charge the battery in time.
  • Don’t expose the battery to liquid, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures to prevent any risk, like a short circuit, or even explosion.
  • Don’t squeeze and drop the battery to maintain a good outlook and performance.

Also, if you find the battery not working, please check the wire connection and plug it into your mobile phone to make a further diagnosis. Or you can directly contact customer service to seek help.


All in all, not all heated jacket batteries can be interchanged. Normally, the same voltage batteries from the same brand can replace each other. Also, don’t forget to read the heated jacket battery instructions and follow the tips while using.


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