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Autumn Hiking 101: Gear, Tips, and Basics

04 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Hiking is one type of foot travel that people typically carry a bag and walk in natural environments, like forests, mountains, deserts, or parks. It’s a popular way to enjoy the beauty of nature, relax the mind, and do physical exercise.

Autunm Hiking 2023

In September, we begin to greet with the cool autumn. It’s a pleasant season to plan a hiking trip with our families and friends. There’s no summer hot and winter cold, and we also can appreciate different types of landscapes. If you plan to hit the trail this fall but aren’t sure what to pack, what to wear, and how to choose gear for hiking, we put together hiking essentials to help you enjoy hiking, like heated jackets. 

Autumn hiking: what to pack

Hiking Gear

  • Tent: When choosing a tent, you should consider how many people will be with you. Tents are typically labeled with the capacity, like a 1-person tent or 2-person tent. If you are together with your friends, please consider choosing a 2-person or 3-person lightweight tent. Also, if you don’t stay outdoors for long periods, there’s no need to buy a tent.
  • Backpack: It’s a must to buy a lightweight and large backpack to store the hiking essentials.
  • Water and food: Research the place you plan to go, which can help you know the water areas and determine how much water you should carry. Also, bring some easy-to-carry food, like bread, biscuits, protein bars, and so on.
  • Clothing: To ensure safety and comfort during hiking, consider opting for comfortable and functional clothes. Outdoor jackets made from water-resistant and breathable material are what we always choose to overcome complex outdoor environments and changeable weather. Also, heated jackets are a great choice for winter adventurer.

Venustas is the top-leading company in selling fashionable and functional heated apparel, including heated jackets, heated vests, heated hoodies, and heated gloves. Venustas heated apparel is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, which provides a great solution for outdoor people. The two popular outdoor heated jackets include:

Venustas Classic Mens Heated Jacket 7.4V

Men's Heated Jacket

With the 5 carbon fiber heating elements and 7.4V battery, this men’s heated jacket can generate warmth quickly, evenly and lastly. And the lightweight design makes it perfect for outdoor adventurers. Also, the 100% polyester shell is water-resistant to protect against elements. You can wear a breathable T-shirt under this jacket to stay warm in chilly weather.

Venustas 3-in-1 Women Heated Jacket 7.4V

Heated Jacket for Women

The best part of this heated jacket is that it can be worn in three different ways, providing a flexible solution to challenge various weather conditions. It’s made from a 100% nylon shell and fleece inner layer. When the temperature suddenly drops, it’s advisable to wear the shell and the fleece layer together.

How to choose gear for autumn hiking?

Knowing how to choose hiking gear is a must to make your hiking trip comfortable and successful.

How to choose hiking gear?

  • Portability. Since you have planned to go hiking this autumn, it’s essential to prepare portable equipment that is easy to carry from one place to another place, like a foldable camping chair or compressible sleeping pad. If you are hiking on foot, the portability of equipment is the primary consideration to make your hiking trip more fun not tiring.
  • Lightweight. Don’t carry too many items to increase the weight burden during your hiking. It’s advisable to consider the hiking schedule, hiking destination, and whether r to choose the gear. Typically, the hiking essentials include food, clothing, appliances, and daily medicine. Don’t take bulky gear and make sure the carried items are lightweight enough to fit your backpack.
  • Practicality. When you choose the hiking equipment, the practicality also cannot be ignored. Make sure the gear you buy is functional to meet your needs and can be easily used to adapt to the hiking environment.

Autumn hiking tips 

Autunm Hiking Tips

  • Check the weather forecast. The weather is always unpredictable in autumn, like rain, wind, or snow. Check the weather before you go out and prepare some gear against the elements, like a rain jacket or waterproof bag.
  • Dress in layers. Autumn is a cool season, but it might be cold in some places. Start g with a breathable base layer, and layer up with a sweater or hoodie to keep the body warm. Also, remember to carry a wind-resistant jacket in your backpack to prevent the temperature suddenly drop.

Sun protection

  • Pay attention to sun protection. Although the temperature drops in autumn, the UV rays are intense, especially when you hike in the high-altitude area. So, it’s essential to apply sunscreen with high SPF, and wear a sun hat or sunglasses to prevent sunburn. Also, when taking breaks, find a shade area as much as possible to minimize sun exposure.
  • Ensure mobile phone has power. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before you go out. Keep your phone has the power to stay connected with your families and friends during outdoor adventures. Also, remember to carry a spare power bank in case of need.
  • Be careful about the wild animals. Typically, autumn is a peak season when wild animals activate to prepare food for the upcoming winter. So, when you hike in the forest or other remote areas, please be aware of large animals.


All in all, it’s great to plan a hiking trip in autumn. The cool temperature and beautiful scenery make sure you have a pleasant trip. Just remember to prepare adequately, stay safe, and embrace the beauty of nature as you explore the trails.

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