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13 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Are Venustas Heated Apparel Worth it? 5 Things You Should Know

“In my last hiking trip, I took a Venustas heated jacket to the snow mountain without wearing many layers of clothing.”

“Wow, that sounds great. Is it worth your investment?”

It’s reported that there is increasing growth in the heated apparel industry thanks to the constant dropping in winter temperatures. Traditional jackets or down coats have already could not meet the weather demands because they only can prevent heat loss while the heated apparel can provide long-lasting warmth to the core body. To grasp the opportunity, there are many brands emerged in the heated apparel market, such as ORORO or Gobi Heat. Also, Venustas heated apparel cannot be underestimated.


Venustas Heated Apparel, founded in 2018, starts the simple idea that a jacket can keep someone toasty and nice in a harsh environment. And with the constant development, Venustas has developed a series of offerings, like heated jackets, heated vests, or heated hoodies. Most importantly, Venustas has successfully received thousands of loyal customers. So, why do so many people choose this brand? Is it really worth your investment?

5 things you should know about Venustas Heated Apparel 

Advanced heating technology

Typically, heated apparel is built with a heating system to produce heat and provide targeted warmth. It’s simple to understand the operation of the system: users connect the battery to the apparel, and then press the power button to transfer the electric energy, finally, the heating elements can be activated to provide warmth.

Heating technology

To ensure the heating performance, Venustas usually use carbon fiber heating elements or graphene heating elements. These two kinds of heating panels feature excellent remarkable thermal conductivity to distribute heat effectively and evenly. Also, the 7.4V battery with a smaller size has already replaced 5V batteries to provide consistent warmth.  

High-quality material

Heated apparel is popular for those who always engage in outdoor activities, such as adventurers, sportsmen, or construction workers. So, the material used in heated apparel need to withstand the harsh weather and outdoor environment.

Heated jacket material

Venustas heated jackets and vests are made from two layers featuring different types of material to enhance the overall performance. The outer layer is required to be water-resistant, wind-resistant, and worn-resistant because it always contacts the external environment. Nylon and polyester are the most common option because they provide excellent durability and protection against harsh weather. And the choice of inner layer material focuses more on the ability to provide and retain warmth. Fleece and down feathers are always the great choice for Venustas.

Safe Battery

Safety Battery

Because of the electric system, the safety issue of heated apparel is a common concern for most users. Venustas also puts this concern in the first place and prioritizes the safety of products, especially the battery. Venustas use 7.4V batteries as a power source to generate heat. Compared with 5V batteries, 7.4V batteries with a smaller size can activate more heating elements at the same time and provide long-lasting warmth. Also, the battery has a simple LED to enable users to know the power life, which prevents over-charging or discharging.

Reliable warranty policy

Heated apparel use heating technology to make it more expensive than traditional jackets. So, people always consider the warranty when they make a purchase decision. And most heated apparel brands have specific warranty polices to address any issues that may occur in their products. Compared with most brands, Venustas provides long periods of warranty. It provides a 1-year warranty on batteries and a 2-year warranty on heating elements.

Excellent customer service

Customer Service

Customer service is important for any business, no matter offline or online. Excellent customer service can build good customer satisfaction. Venustas has a professional customer service team to flexibly deal with any issues from customers in time, which enhances the overall customer experience and build a long-term relationship with customers.

Best Venustas Heated Apparel: Our Top Picks

Men’s Heated Jacket 7.4V 

Men's Heated Jacket 7.4V

Heating Elements

5 carbon fiber heating elements (left & right chest, left & right shoulder, mid-back)

Clothing Material

100% polyester

New Sliver mylar thermal lining


7.4V battery


Detachable & adjustable hood

YKK zippers

5 pockets


1-year on the battery

2-Year on the heating elements

What people say

I purchased this jacket to keep me warm and dry while coaching high school track in the lovely Midwest 'springtime'. This jacket works as advertised. A few days after purchase, I wore it at a meet that was 50 degrees and raining. I stayed warm and dry for the entire meet.


Women’s Heated Fleece Vest 7.4V

Women's Fleece Heated Vest

Heating Elements

6 carbon fiber heating elements(collar, left & right chest, mid-back, left & right shoulders)

Clothing Material

100% nylon

80% polyester & 20% cotton


7.4V battery


YKK zippers

4 pockets


1-year on the battery

2-year on the heating elements

What people say

My office at work gets very cold some days and this has helped keep me from freezing. I love the shoulder heaters the best. Wish it was a little bigger and that the battery pack either lasted longer or came with an adapter or universal plug so we can change them out for other battery packs. Overall though I really enjoy this jacket and I would highly recommend.



In a word, Venustas heated apparel contributes to developing products with excellent heating system, functional clothing fabric, and safety design. And they also value customer service.  It’s completely worth your investment.

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