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Are Heated Jackets TSA Friendly? Everything You Should Know

27 May 2024 0 Comments

“Are heated jackets TSA-friendly?”

“Can I wear my heated jacket on a plane?”

“Can I wear my heated jacket through the airport security?”

Whether heated jackets can be allowed on the plane has received a great amount of attention, especially for travelers.

Traveling to a cold destination can be daunting because you need to prepare adequately to stay warm and enjoy your trip. However, packing too many clothes isn't wise, as it can burden your journey and restrict movement during outdoor activities. That's where a heated jacket can be helpful. But if we travel by airplane, can we pack a heated jacket in our luggage and take it on a plane?

Why Some People Would Like to Take Heated Jackets to a Plane?

Heated jackets, equipped with a built-in heating system, have become increasingly popular among people from all walks of life. Most travelers and outdoor enthusiasts consider them a great invention.

  • The warmth provided by heated jackets is more accessible, lightweight, and comfortable. With efficient heating elements, users can feel the warmth within seconds, even in extremely cold weather.
  • The adjustable heating settings allow wearers to choose the right temperature based on the weather conditions.
  • It’s a convenient alternative to packing many winter clothes. Being lightweight, they are easy to pack without taking up too much space.

Can I Wear My Heated Jacket on A Plane?

Compared to traditional jackets, heated jackets are equipped with a heating system to generate heat. This system primarily consists of heating elements, adjustable heat settings, and a battery. Due to the electrical components in heated jackets, it's crucial to verify airplane regulations before traveling with them.

TSA jacket rule

The TSA allows passengers to bring both ordinary jackets and heated jackets (without batteries) in carry-on or checked bags. If you wear a jacket through airport security, please remember to take it off and place it in a bin for screening.

Airport Security

 FAA battery rule

TSA has strict regulations on carrying batteries to prevent any potential risk. Spare lithium-ion or lithium metal batteries can only be carried in carry-on baggage. Passengers must remove these batteries from their bags for inspection during security screening.

The TSA also regulates the size and quantity of batteries. For non-rechargeable lithium batteries, the weight is limited to 2 grams per battery. For rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, passengers are allowed to carry up to two spare batteries with a capacity between 101-160 watt-hours (Wh) or 20,000 milliamp-hours (mAh).

According to TSA regulations, passengers can take and wear heated jackets (Not using the battery) on planes. Normally, the capacity of heated jacket batteries ranges from 4,800mAh ~ 10,000mAh. Therefore, wearers can take the battery on the plane, but please remember to carry it in the carry-luggage bag.

Preparation Before Boarding

Preparation before boarding

Flying on a plane can be exciting, but it can also be frustrating if you miss your flight or experience delays due to uncontrollable factors. Therefore, it's important to make adequate preparations before boarding.

  • Flight time should be kept in mind in case you miss the plane. We suggest passengers should arrive at the airport two hours early before departure. And if it’s in rush hour, we suggest you should leave enough time to prevent any delay.


  • Make sure to prepare essential travel documents before boarding, like ID card, or passport. Also, checking the airline regulations to make sure the items you pack are allowed. If you would like to take a heated jacket, make sure the battery should be carried in a carry-luggage bag and you don’t use it during flying.  

All in all, a heated jacket is perfect for traveling to cold destinations. Typically, it can be worn on a plane while the premise is that the wearer should not turn on the battery. Also, we suggest you should check the regulations of the flight company you visit in advance.

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