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Are Heated Jackets Heavy? That Facts You Should Know

05 Jul 2023 0 Comments

“Yeah, my down jacket is lightweight, but I hate layering many clothes over it. So, my friend recommends me to try a heated jacket featuring awesome warmth. Are they heavier than traditional jackets?

Down jackets are what we always wear to combat the cold. We love the soft warmth to enhance comfort on cold days. And when the temperature becomes extremely cold, we only can add clothes to adjust the warmth. It maybe increases the burden to the body and restricts movement. That’s why we use heated jackets.

 Heated Jacket

A heated jacket adopts a flexible heating system to provide adjustable warmth. Wearers can press the button to experience different levels of warmth in various weather without the need to add many layers of clothing. Since it is battery-powered, some people worry that the weight of the heated jacket may cause inconvenience. Well, we will talk about whether heated jackets are heavy.

Factors affecting the weight of heated jackets

Heating elements. Compared with traditional jackets, heated jackets are crafted with heating elements and cable wires to generate heat. So, heated jackets might be a little heavier than the regular ones we usually wear. Also, the type or the number of heating elements could affect the weight of heated jackets. Typically, carbon fiber and graphene both are frequently used in heating elements. Because of the difference in structure, the carbon fiber heating elements are lighter than the graphene heating elements.

Heating elements

Clothing fabric. Heated jackets are usually made of different types of clothing. Normally, there are two layers in heated jackets, and each uses different material to enhance the function. The outer layer adopts lightweight and water-resistant material and the inner layer features thermal insulation materials. And these materials may vary in weight. For example, fleece is a little heavier than down fabric because the former features a high-density fiber structure.

clothing fabric

Power bank. Heated jackets are designed with a pocket to store the power bank that connects to the heating elements. There are different types of batteries used with heated jackets, and lithium batteries are the most common type. Although the batteries could add extra weight to the body, the batteries are actually quite lightweight, with an average weight of 180g-250g.

Heated Jacket Battery

Size and fit. It’s similar to our ordinary clothes. There are different sizes and fits to meet various demands. And the larger size is typically heavier than the smaller one.

Are heated jackets heavy?

Of course, heated jackets are s little heavier than down jackets due to the incorporated heating technology. The inside heating elements, cable wires, and battery can increase extra weight of the body. Well, don’t worry. The weight can completely be offset by the excellent heating performance. With a heated jacket, users don’t layer many clothes to look for warmth to beat the chilly weather. And they can simply wear a T-shirt in a heated jacket to participate in various outdoor activities or stay indoors without feeling any discomfort.

Lightweight Heated Jacket

A lightweight and functional heated jacket is a must-have item for winter outdoor activities, like this Venustas heated jacket. It’s an electric jacket that uses a rechargeable battery and 5 carbon fiber heating elements to provide quick and consistent heat distribution. This feature guarantees outdoor enthusiasts can extend their fun time, whether they’re out of camping or hiking. Also, this battery-powered jacket is completely lightweight. The lining is made of the sliver mylar thermal material known for its lightweight and durable feature. And the 7.4V battery weighs only 198g, which is portable and easy to carry.


Heated jackets might be heavier than our traditional jackets, but the extra weight can be offset by the heating performance. It helps us to get rid of heavy clothes with comfortable and long-lasting warmth. So, if you always live in cold weather, a lightweight heated jacket is a wise choice.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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