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An overview of Different Types of Heated Jackets[2023 Guide]

12 May 2023

“It’s not easy to choose a heated jacket fitting me since there are different types of heated jackets. But I think that all heated jackets are the same. For example, they almost are built with heated systems to generate heat.”

Are heated jackets the same? Well, they are the same in heated system while there are differences in some aspects. Heated jackets use batteries to power heating elements, and then the warmth can be distributed to core body areas. And most heated jackets are designed with heating setting to provide adjustable warmth with users.

Battery power heated jacket

On the other hand, heated jackets come in a diverse range of features and styles though they use similar heated system. Sometimes it’s tough to choose the perfect jacket when faced with a range of options. In this article, we write an overview to introduce and compare different Venustas heated jackets.

Heated down jacket vs Heated fleece jacket

Material is the main difference between these two types of heated jackets. One is made of down and the other is fleece.

Down is a natural material made from soft duck or geese, and normally fills in the layer to prevent heat loss and provide warmth. And down fabric is puffy but lightweight, making it compressible and easy to store. Compared with down, fleece is a synthetic material typically made from polyester. This breathable material prevents you from feeling stuffy when taking part in outdoor activities. And the fleece fabric can provide effective warmth even when it gets wet.

Men’s Heated down jacket

Men's Heated Down Jacket

This men’s heated jacket is crafted with 90% white duck down and 10% white duck feather, which guarantees unprecedented warmth to the wearers. And it is equipped with 5 carbon fiber heating elements to ensure the warmth covering the core body areas. Also, the 7.4V battery can power the heating elements for up to 8-9 hours.

Men’s Heated fleece jacket

Men's fleece heated jacket

It’s a heated vest that features soft, lightweight, and comfortable fleece fabric. And the fleece heated jacket is less bulky than the down one, which is more suitable for outdoor activities. Similarly, this heated fleece vest uses 5 carbon fiber heating elements and a 7.4V battery to provide quick, consistent, and long-lasting warmth.




Heating elements




Heated Down Jacket

Shell: 100% nylon

Inner layer: 90% white duck down & 10% white duck feather

5 carbon fiber heating elements

7.4V battery

Adjustable hood


Heated Fleece Jacket

Shell:100% polyester

Inner layer: fleece

5 carbon fiber heating elements

7.4V battery

YKK zipper



Heated long jacket vs Heated 3-in-1 jacket

The main difference is the design between these heated jackets: long style and 3-in-1 design. The long design can cover warmth to more of your body, particularly in the upper leg area. Compared with the short design, the long length can highlight the body better and maintain a more stylish outlook. And 3-in-1 design provides a flexible solution to challenge unpredictable weather. This design enables users to wear the shell and the inner layer separately and together.

Women’s Heated Long Jacket

Women's Heated Long Jacket

This women’s heated jacket extends the length to let the warmth cover more areas, which enables wearers to challenge the harsh environment. And its filling adopts white down duck known as an excellent insulating material to keep the body toasty even in the coldest temperatures. Most importantly, 5 heating elements and 3 temperature levels enable the warmth more accessible.

Women’s 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Women's 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

This women’s heated jacket is multi-functional. It uses a 3-in-1 design to make it fit all seasons. If the weather becomes cold, you can wear the shell and the inner down coat together. And the shell of the jacket and the inner layer use water-resistant material, which protects wearers on rainy days.



Heating elements




Women’s heated long jacket

Shell:100% nylon

Inner layer: white duck down

5 carbon fiber heating elements

7.4V battery

Long design


Women’s 3-in-1 heated jacket

Outer jacket:100% polyester

Shell&lining (Inner coat): 100% nylon

Filler(Inner coat): 90% white duck down & 10% white duck feather

5 carbon fiber heating elements

7.4V battery

3-in-1 design



Womens heated jacket vs Mens heated jacket

The main difference between the women’s model and the men’s model is in the size because women and men have different body shapes and proportions. Typically, women’s clothing tends to be more fitting with smaller shoulder, chest, and waist measurements. And men normally have wider shoulders and chests. So, men’s clothing is more loose-fitting in design. For example, we can see that women’s 7.4V heated jacket and men’s 7.4V heated jacket almost are the same except for the size chart.


All in all, Venustas heated jacket has different styles and designs to meet the diverse preference. Whatever you look for stylish style or classic one, Venustas heated jacket has something for you. Now take the style you love to start your journey!


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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