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6 Ways for Truckers to Stay Warm in Winter

22 Jun 2021

Trying to stay warm in winter is a struggle for most people, especially those who have to work outside. For instance, it's really tough for truckers who have to stay outdoor all day long during winter to drive freight on 18 wheels.

So if you are a truck driver and you want to keep warm while driving, you need to be well prepared. The first thing you should do is to prepare your package by investing in some winter gear. Thick gloves, plush hat, blanket and anything else that help you prevent the cold can be included in your package. In order to make you more comfortable on the road, we've collected some tips.

tips for truck drivers to stay warm

1.Prepare your vehicle

Check your vehicle before you hit the road. Imagine the situation where your truck breaks down, and you have to wait for help on a snowy day. Nobody wants this to happen, right? So it's essential to make sure that everything is prepared, including tires, wiper blades, fluids and lights. And monitor your truck's condition more often while on the road.

2.Run your heater

Using the heater is a good way to keep warm when you are going to sleep in the truck. Run it for few minutes before bed to get the space nice and warm, and then you are good to sleep. But it's better for you to turn it off after you get warm in your bed since you definitely don't want the heater to run out of the battery and waste the fuel.

3. Heated outerwear

Most drivers tend to turn off the heater during the driving time to save fuel, which makes the trip more unbearable. The worse thing is that sitting in a cold space and driving for a long time without stretching the body will lead to bad blood circulation and end up with cardiovascular diseases. So in order to keep your body healthy, in addition to getting more exercise, you also need to keep your body temperature, especially the core temperature.

No matter what the weather is, wearing trucker jacket is the most efficient way to maintain your body heat. For reference, Venustas self heating jackets are equipped with a long-lasting battery, which can work up to 8 hours. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the warmth all along your road, you can carry some backup batteries with you.

tips for truck drivers to stay warm

4.Invest in a sleeping bag

Sleeping in the truck is another task for the truckers. Simply putting on the blanket is not enough. One of the best choices to get through the night is to invest in a sleeping bag that is designed to withstand extremely low temperatures. It's really helpful, but in case that you don't want to sleep in a cold sleeping bag waiting it gets warm, a fleece jacket with heater will be helpful. It's snug, soft, and won't be too bulky for you to lie in the sleeping bag.

tips for truck drivers to stay warm

5.DIY insulation

Using the windshield sunshades is a little trick to insulate the vehicle and keep it warm. It's easy, affordable, and can benefit you both day and night. Just cut the sunshades into small pieces, and apply them to cover the windows for maximum insulation. They can work well to prevent the bright morning sunlight that is dazzling and can help to protect you from the cold.

6.Stay hydrated

This is one that is often overlooked. However, when cold air enters your body, you need proper fluid levels to help warm that air so it doesn't lower your core temperature. Drinking water will be OK. And try to avoid coffee and tea, which are diuretics and can lead you to the toilet more often.

tips for truck drivers to stay warm


We know that life on the road is challenging and can be harder during the winter months, so we hope hard-working truck drivers can benefit from this article. These tips won't guarantee a worry-free winter, but they will help truckers have a comfier and warmer winter driving experience.

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