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6 Ideas to Upgrade Your Movie Night

18 Jun 2021 0 Comments

As the evenings start to get longer and colder, there’s nothing better than a movie night with family and friends. However, due to the pandemic, going to the theater is no a viable choice, and it’s better to stay at home. So why not host a family movie night? Just invite your family and friends, download your favorite movie, and plop down on the couch, and then you will enjoy a very special and wonderful night. 

By planning ahead and getting a little creative with your movie night ideas, you would get a better experience. Read on to find out how to host your own DIY movie night in your living room or a dedicated spare room.


1.Wear your blanket hoodie

As the night goes on, the air may be cooling off, but that doesn’t mean your movie night has to. A wearable blanket can be your best companion to spend the night with. You can easily tuck your legs up into the oversize blanket hoodie without feeling tight. Your legs, stomach, neck, back, arms and head are all wrapped at the same time, same softness, warmth, comfort all at once!

movie night ideas

2.Design your own movie tickets

Invite your guests and send them your tickets. Since the exact point of organizing a movie night is to have fun by making it more similar to watching a movie in the cinema, designing your own tickets can contribute to more fun.


3.Popcorn, of course

Hot, salty, buttery, crunchy — popcorn is the must-have when watching a movie and it’s so indispensable with the development of the plot. Therefore, serving popcorn at your movie night is a must! And your guests will definitely feel like they are in the theater by holding a bowl of popcorn in their hands.

Tip: A coke can make the night better!

movie night ideas


4.Transform your living room

The best area to watch the movie is your living room. It is large enough to accommodate all your guests and has the space that the projector requires. And also, everybody loves lying on the couches, which are usually put in the living room. So before your movies start, you can put all the couches together and make them surround the table where you put the snacks. What’s more, putting some blanket hoodies on the couches is better in case that your friends will get cold. And the wearable blanket is oversize, so there is no need to worry about the size since it’s suitable for most body shapes.


5.Mute the phone

It will be a great and memorable night until the phone ring. Remind everyone to mute their phones and put the phones on a designated desk so that the flash of the message notification would not bother the audience.


6.Pick your movie

Go and ask your guests what kind of movies they like and make a list of the movies so that all of them can vote. After picking the favorite movie, you are ready to start.

movie night ideas


A family movie night at home will be fun for your family and friends, and it will create a kind of warm, love atmosphere that makes for wonderful memories. There’s no need to spend too much time decorating your house and make it fancy, just keep it simple with some snacks and a comfortable blanket hoodie, and then enjoy yourselves.

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