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5 Top Winter Activities Ideas

15 Dec 2021

Wintertime provides an opportunity to experience nature in a completely different way- cold wind, snow, a beautiful white world, and the quiet street- these are all different from the summer.

So when the temperature drops, instead of hiding just hiding in the house waiting for the snow to melt and the warm weather to return, put on your Venustas heated jacket, strap on your snow boots, wear your heated gloves, and take advantage of the cold season by creating a list of winter outdoor activities and fun things to do.


Downhill Skiing

Winter Activities Ideas

Skiing is not just for fun. It's also a great exercise to strengthen your core muscles. Keeping the body standing on the snowboard or skis requires the balancing ability and focus. It's not easy to stay steady on a snowy slope while heading down the path. When you are on the slope, your core muscles are forced to work hard at engaging, improving muscle tone in your abdomen and overall strength.


Camping & Enjoying the Snowing View

Winter Activities Ideas

Camping during the winter is a vastly different experience than camping in the spring, summer, and fall. Even the most popular camping areas will likely be deserted, and the silence- not just from the muffling effects of the snow, but the lack of other parties- is something most people have never experienced. Get well-prepared and go camping with your family! Think sipping hot cocoa by a roaring fire, cooking yummy camping meals, and cuddling with your heated jacket/ heated hoodie.


Hiking in Snow

Winter Activities Ideas

Grab your boots, bundle up or simply wear a heated vest under your jacket take a walk in the woods. Breath in the fresh air will lift your spirits, even in the cold weather. Make sure you wear water-resistant outerwear, which will protect you from the snow and frost.


Snowball fight

Winter Activities Ideas

It's snowing outside! Why not? Snowball fights can be the most fun you can have in the snow. Where else can you throw hard-packed objects at people as a game? So if you want to do something fun, try this game with your friends! Note: do remember to wear gloves; otherwise, you will get your hands frozen.


Try Sledding

Winter Activities Ideas

Sledding provides double challenges in winter: Not only is sailing down a snowy hill the perfect blend of exciting and terrifying but hiking back up to go another round is great cardio exercise. Don't forget to wear a hat to protect your head from the cold wind afterward.


When the coldest winter months arrive, it's time to consider excellent outerwear. Venustas heated clothing is built to provide additional warmth and stand up to freezing temperatures and cold winds.

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