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5 Reasons Why You Need Heated Clothing

15 Jun 2021 0 Comments

Winter apparel is always bulky for a long time. But things have become different since the first heated jacket was released in 2001. It became particularly popular with people, especially those who have to spend long periods in the cold: construction workers, security guards, hunters, skiers, and more. Venustas has been in the heated clothing industry for years. Every year, numerous consumers have become our fans due to the excellent products we make. Here are the reasons why you need Venustas heated apparel.

why you need heated clothing

Reliable Quality

There are hundreds of companies that sell electric clothing on the market, but that hardly matters when our products come with the features:

  • Well-made, long-lasting lithium batteries: Both apparel and gloves use reliable and eco-friendly batteries to generate heat for up to 8 hours.
  • Efficient thermal conductive carbon fiber: it's the main material of heating panels, which are strategically placed to provide warmth to the core body area.
  • Water and wind-resistant shell: Considering that most of our users prefer wearing our gear for outdoor activities, so we make our heated clothing with a water-repellent finish that sheds snow and rain.
why you need heated clothing

Reasonable Price

Venustas provides products at affordable prices without compromising the quality. Every year, we receive countless feedback saying that the quality of our clothing worth every penny they cost than other brands. We want our consumers to benefit more from our products, and the price is one of the most obvious ways to show our sincerity. Starting at $99.99, the winter gears will keep you toasty by covering your body and fingers.


Practical in Daily life

The secret of making our consumers a life-long fan of our clothing is to make our clothing useful in their daily life. Versatile enough for any environment from urban commutes to country walks, Venusats heated apparel is designed for every type of weather condition and engineered to be comfortable and long-lasting.

  • Walk your dog on a chilly day
  • Go to the cafe nearby
  • Working in a freezing cold office
  • Skiing with your friends
  • Camping with your family
  • Wandering in the woods
  • Jogging in the neighborhood

While most brands make their products stiff and thicker to deal with the harsh weather conditions, we adopted the more lightweight and tough fiber to create a more flexible and comfier wearing experience. Warmth and comfort are guaranteed by Venustas wherever you are and whatever you do.

why you need heated clothing

Helpful Protection

Here are two problems for those who have to spend a long time outside in winter: cold wind and unexpected weather conditions. We worked so hard to make sure our apparel has everything necessary to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable without adding unnecessary bulk. We use Nylon/Polyester Fabric to make the clothes windproof and water-resistant, so unpredictable elements are definitely not a problem anymore with our heated jackets.


Wonderful Gift

Best gift ever! Whether your family/friend a male or female, outdoorsy guy, or stay-home person, they would thank you for the wonderful Venustas heated apparel you send them. Since Father's Day is coming, why not give your dad a thoughtful gift to show that you appreciate him for everything he has done for you. Your dad will definitely love it!

why you need heated clothing


Have you brought yourself an item of heated clothing? How do you feel when wearing it? Please share your thoughts with us.

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