2022 Buying Guide: Best 5 Heated Jackets Review & Comparison 

“I believe that there is nothing better than a heated jacket that can beat the biting cold and wind.”

Are there any items that can keep you warm against the freezing winter? Drink more water or exercise more? No, the answer is wearing a heated jacket.

A heated jacket is different from other winter jackets. With heated elements, it can generate heat to keep your body from shivering in cold winter, even if you live at the North Pole. That’s the main reason why it enjoys unprecedented popularity among people, especially for those who have to work outside in winter. So, picking a heated jacket for your closet can be an ideal decision for this winter. Before selecting the best one, it is essential to keep many factors in mind, like battery durability, heating system or clothing material. To help you find the best one, this article lists the top5 heated jackets on the market.

Best heated jackets 2022

  • ORORO Slim Fit Women's Heated Jacket 
  • DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket
  • Venustas Men's 7.4V Heated Jacket 
  • PTAHDUS Women’s 7.4V Heated Jacket 
  • PROSmart Men's 12 V Heated Jacket 

ORORO Slim Fit Women's Heated Jacket 

Ororo specializes in heated apparel since 2015 and receive a lot of positive feedback from customers. Here I specifically buy a women’s heated jacket with thousands of high ratings on Amazon.

With the design of slim-fit and detachable hood, the heated jacket is a perfect pick for all ladies for it seems more stylish and tailored. It is made up of 100% polyester, which features effective waterproof and windproof ability. This feature fixes the issue of getting wet on cold rainy days, bringing you a more comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, with upgraded fleece lining and excellent heating systems, it can retain warmth more effectively. 

Upgraded materialNo include battery
Stylish designA bit expensive
Long working hours
Excellent heating system
Machine washable
Waterproof and windproof
USB port

DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket

DEWBU focuses on selling high-quality heated clothing with strong technology development, which is committed to ensuring outdoorsy people can embrace the freedom and excitement in chilly weather. Here is the best heated jacket enjoying the highest popularity on the DEWBU Amazon store.

DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket
DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket

This soft shell heated jacket is equipped with 5 carbon fiber heating zones, which can provide extraordinary warmth for the entire core body area. There’s no need to worry about getting cold in winter. With the design of multiple pockets, it looks more practical to allow to you store more stuff. The outer of the jacket is made up of polyester and spandex, enabling it performs well not only on waterproof but also on scratch resistance. In addition, its intelligent Led display is a humanized design that accesses to know more about the using condition of the battery.

5 carbon fiber heating zonesOnly free returns in the US
12V efficient heating elementsNo true to size
Multiple pockets
Scratch resistant
Waterproof and windproof
Easy care

Venustas Men's 7.4V Heated Jacket 

Venustas as a young and lively brand devotes itself to every step of the process from production to after-sales service. It offers various options, ranging from heated jackets, heated vests, heated gloves, etc. Here I pick the most classic Men’s heated jacket from Venustas.

Venustas Men's 7.4V Heated Jacket
Venustas Men's 7.4V Heated Jacket

Compared with others, this heated jacket stands out from competition by covering 30% larger heating panels and 5 carbon heating elements. This excellent design guarantees that you are not cold anymore even in extremely cold weather. Speaking about the material, it adopts a special new silver mylar thermal lining that is easy to wash and skin-friendly. Moreover, the upgraded battery carried 5000 mAh not only can power up to 2 devices simultaneously but also accommodate long-lasting working life.

30% larger heating panelsOnly one color
Upgraded battery
Waterproof and Windproof
Machine washable
Waterproof bag included
USB ports

PTAHDUS Women’s 7.4V Heated Jacket 

Ptahdus founded in 2016 is one of the leading brands in the heated apparel industry. With the rapid development in recent years, Ptahdus have been engaging in selling new-tech functional garment to offer the customers the best shopping experience. Here is the women’s heated jacket with high sales from Pathadus Amazon store.

PTAHDUS Women’s 7.4V Heated Jacket
PTAHDUS Women’s 7.4V Heated Jacket

The specialty of the heated jacket is the design of the hand warmer pocket, which can keep your hand in a warm environment. So, there is no need to buy a pair of heated gloves. It offers selectable heating levels, meaning that you can control the heated part (hand and body) respectively. With the function of quick-heat, the best thing is that it can generate heat in a short time. In addition, the jacket is added to the DWR coating that can strengthen the water resistance without decreasing the breathability feature.  

Selectable Heating LevelsNo true to size
5 Heating Zones with Hand WarmerShort warranty period
Quick-heat function
DWR coating

PROSmart Men's 12 V Heated Jacket 

Founded in 2010, PROSmart is an experienced manufacturer developing a series of warm textile products including heated clothing, heated blanket and so on. Here is the best-selling heated jacket with innovative thermal technology.

PROSmart Men's 12 V Heated Jacket
PROSmart Men's 12 V Heated Jacket

The PROSmart Men’s heated jacket is equipped with a 12V battery, which effectively enables the working time up to 16 hours at a low level. There are three levels respectively representing different temperatures, so it is easy to adjust the heating level according to the weather. With the design of an adjustable hood and zipper pocket, it looks like an ordinary jacket so that you can wear it on any occasion. Besides that, its material has a good effect in preventing water and wind, which provides you with better protection in unpredictable weather.

Long working hoursLess heated areas
Waterproof and windproofNo USB port
Stylish design
Portable bag included
Good value for money


PriceMaterialBatteryWorking HourHeating ZoneWarranty
ORORO Slim-fit Women's Heated Jacket 289.00$Polyester7.4V
1 AA batteries
Up to 1031 year
DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket189.99$Polyester and spandex12V
1 Lithium Metal batteries 
Up to 9 or 1051 year
Venustas Men's 7.4V Heated Jacket 199.99$Polyester and nylon7.4V
1 Lithium Polymer batteries
Up to 951 year on battery
2 years on heating elements
PTAHDUS Women’s 7.4V Heated Jacket 149.99$Polyester7.4V
2 Lithium Polymer batteries
Up to 8590 days on garment
30 days on battery
PROSmart Men's 12 V Heated Jacket 129.99$Polyester12VUp to 163NIL


The above 5 best heated jackets I bought have their own unique features and enjoy great popularity in the market. You can choose whatever you like according to the actual condition. No matter where you go this winter, no matter what kind of outdoor activities you would like to take, I believe the best heated jacket you pick will become your best friend!




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