Why Choose a Heated Jacket as a Gift?

Sep 30, 2022 Little V

It is always a tough task to pick a special and thoughtful gift. Starting with the receivers’ feelings, we effort to cover them with our sincerity. A heated jacket would be your best option.

How to Choose a Heated Jacket for Outdoor Work?

Sep 23, 2022 Little V

Winter is not a good time for those who need to work outdoors. It is tough to bear cold temperatures with heavy clothes. This blog will introduce a heated jacket to address this issue.

Why Does Heated Vests Fit Running in Chilly Morning?

Sep 23, 2022 Little V

How to stick to the running habit even in the winter? Maybe a heated vest is your best solution. Let me tell you why.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Heated Vest?

Sep 16, 2022 Ryviu

Does a heated vest benefit us? Is it worth our money? In this blog, let us lead you to get something about heated vests.

Are Heated Jackets Waterproof?

Sep 09, 2022 Little V

When it comes to heated jackets, most people always wonder whether to wear a heated jacket in the rain. Is it safe? This article will lead you to discover the answer.

Which Material IS Best for A Heated Jacket?

Sep 07, 2022 Little V

Do you know which material is best for a heated jacket? In this article, we make a list of some materials to help you find the best one.

How to Choose A Heated Jacket for Travel?

Sep 02, 2022 Ryviu

Most travelers believe that a heated jacket is a travel essential. Do you know why and how to choose? Let me tell you the answer in this article.

Why Choose Heated Jacket for Climbing?

Aug 31, 2022 Little V

 It’s uncomfortable to wear many layers of clothing on a climbing trip. That restricts our movement and makes us fatigued. In this blog, a heated jacket can help you get rid of this bad experience.

Carbon Fiber VS Graphene, Which Heating Element IS Better?

Aug 31, 2022 Little V

It seems that some people are confused with carbon fiber and graphene. What’s the difference between them? This blog will cover the answer for you.