Revolutionize Your Warmth: A Guide to Choosing the Right Venustas Battery for Your Heated Apparel

In the dynamic world of heated apparel, the battery plays a key role—it becomes the lifeline that infuses your winter days with warmth.
Venustas, as a top-leading heated apparel brand, presents a selection of battery options designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of needs and tastes. This guide unravels the features and functions of the Venustas batteries, contrasting their features with those of competitors, to aid you in finding the perfect equilibrium of warmth and convenience for your cold-weather adventures.


Venustas Batteries Introduction

Next, we'll dive into a comprehensive comparison of three types of Venustas batteries, covering all aspects to showcase their differences.

ModelVensutas Mini 7.4V Battery Pack (4800mAh)Venustas 7.4V/12V Battery Pack (7200mAh)Venustas 7.4V/12V Battery Pack (10000mAh)
CellLG Lithium IonLG Lithium IonLithium Polymer
Runtime(With 3 Heating Zones)Up to 14 HoursUp to 20 HoursUp to 30 Hours
Charging Time4 Hours with 5V/3A Charger(Charger Not Included)2 Hours with 35W Charger(Charger Not Included)3 Hours with 35W Charger(Charger Not Included)
OutputUSB-A/DC 7.4V (No 12V Output)USB-A/DC 7.4V/DC12V
Compatible with 5V Apparel(USB-A)××
Compatible with 7.4V Apparel(DC 38135)
Compatible with 12V Apparel(DC 5521)×
Charge Cellphone or Other Devices

BenefitLightweight and SmallestSmall and Enhanced WarmLongest Runtime

Venustas 7.4V/10,000mAh Battery VS Others Brands’ Batteries

The advantages of Venustas 7.4V/10,000mAh battery:

  • Maximum Capacity: Venustas batteries boast the market's highest endurance and capacity for heated apparel.
  • Fast Charging: With a 35W charger, Venustas 10,000mAh battery recharge in just 3 hours, reducing waiting time by 80% compare with other brands' batteries. Other brands' batteries of the same capacity take nearly an entire day to charge.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed for both 7.4V and 12V garments, Venustas batteries also replace batteries from other brands, offering unparalleled versatility.
  • Safety Assured: Featuring comprehensive protections against overcharging, current, discharge, voltage, temperature, and short circuits, plus RoHS, CE, FCC, and UKCA certifications, Venustas batteries deliver trusted reliability.

Venustas batteries provide superior performance and convenience. These factors significantly contribute to the overall performance and convenience of heated clothing. Let's delve into these aspects:


Revolutionizing and Prolonging Warmth (Up to 30hrs of Warmth)
Venustas has redefined the realm of heated apparel with the introduction of their industry-leading 10,000mAh battery — the titan of power capacity for heated clothing. This powerhouse ensures up to a staggering 30 hours of consistent warmth for garments equipped with 3/4 heating elements, and an impressive 20 hours for those with 5/6 heating elements.
Imagine braving the cold from dawn till dusk, and beyond, without the slightest worry about losing the comforting embrace of heat. Venustas makes this possible, setting a new benchmark for endurance in heated clothing. Compared to other brands, which normally offer 6-10hrs of warmth, Venustas batteries stand as a beacon of reliability, pushing the boundaries to offer extended periods of warmth on a single charge.
This unparalleled battery life is not just a feature; it's a lifeline for those who face the chill of the outdoors for long stretches, ensuring that comfort and warmth are constant companions, regardless of how far or how long you venture into the cold. With Venustas, the need for frequent recharging is a thing of the past, allowing you to embrace the winter with confidence and warmth like never before.

Shortly Charging Time(3-hour Rapid Recharge)
Venustas batteries have taken a giant leap forward with their groundbreaking charging capabilities, transforming the landscape of heated apparel. Picture this: you're out in the cold, and your battery runs out. With a Venustas's 7.4V/10,000mAh battery, you're only 3 hours away from a full charge using a 35W(20V/1.75A) charger. It's akin to a pit stop in a race, brief yet profoundly impactful, ensuring you're quickly back in the comfort of warmth.
In contrast, traditional batteries in the market feel like a marathon, requiring almost 14 hours to reach full capacity. This drastic reduction in charging time — cutting down the wait from a lengthy overnight process to merely a short pause in your day — is a game-changer for those who rely on their heated clothing for daily warmth and comfort. Venustas ensures that your wait is minimal, making the transition from cold to cozy faster than ever before. This feature is not just an improvement; it's a revolution in how we stay warm on the go.

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Unprecedented Compatibility(Compatible with 7.4V&12V Apparel)
Venustas 10,000mAh battery is compatible with both 7.4V and 12V apparel(and serves as a replacement battery for other brands' heated apparel). This innovation in battery technology opens up a world of options, allowing users to effortlessly switch between different heating levels to match the weather's demands. Whether you're facing a brisk autumn breeze or the deep freeze of winter, Venustas ensures you're prepared with the right level of warmth.
In a market where most batteries are limited to a single voltage, either 7.4V for lighter heating needs or 12V for more robust warmth, Venustas stands out by offering unparalleled compatibility. This means users are no longer restricted to one type of apparel based on their battery; instead, they have the freedom to choose from a broader selection of heated clothing.
The Venustas battery's adaptability makes it a superior choice for those seeking flexibility and performance, ensuring you stay comfortable in any weather condition without the need to purchase separate batteries for different garments. Venustas is not just revolutionizing how we stay warm; they're expanding where and how we can enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the temperature.

Buyer's Guide of Choosing a Venustas Battery

As you navigate through the various options to discover the ideal battery to power your heated clothing, keep in mind that Venustas offers a solution tailored to your winter needs. Whether you prioritize compactness, a seamless balance between warmth and weight, or the longest possible duration of warmth, there's a Venustas battery designed specifically to meet your preferences.

For Everyday Use:
The Venustas Mini Battery (7.4V/4,800mAh) epitomizes sleek portability, making it perfect for daily wear. Specially crafted for individuals who value a lightweight and compact design, this battery is ideal for daily commutes and casual excursions. Weighing only 6.56oz, its small size does not compromise comfort or warmth, providing a balanced fusion of coziness and convenience that ensures you stay warm without being weighed down by bulkiness.

For Long-lasting Warmth:
For Enhanced Warmth and Portability: The Venustas 7.4V/7,200mAh Battery is your go-to choice for additional warmth without the bulk. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, when used with the same piece of clothing, this battery provides a superior warmth boost of +6℉ over the Mini 7.4V/4,800mAh battery. It offers a more comfortable and snug experience in cold conditions. Designed with outstanding durability and extended warmth in mind, it's perfect for cold outdoor adventures or spending the day in chilly weather, ensuring you receive steady heat without the extra weight.

For Extended Outdoor Periods:
The Venustas 7.4V/10,000mAh battery is the epitome of portable heat, offering the largest capacity currently available for heated apparel on the market. It's specifically designed for those who venture into the outdoors for extended periods, like long hikes, ski trips, or camping adventures. While it's larger in size, the trade-off comes in the form of extended warmth and comfort, making it an invaluable asset for the serious adventurer who doesn’t mind a bit more bulk.


Choosing the right Venustas battery boils down to your specific needs—whether it's for everyday convenience, a balance of warmth and weight, or maximum endurance in the great outdoors. Each battery in the Venustas lineup is designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring you can enjoy the winter season to its fullest. With Venustas, it's not merely about choosing a battery; it's about opening the door to a cozier, more enjoyable outdoor experience.