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Why are Some People Always Cold and Others Always Warm

Jul 20, 2021 Venus X

Let’s find out why you always feel cold while others feel warm. No matter what kind of people you are or how cold it is out there, heated outerwear will always be your best choice.

How to Stay Active in Winter

Jul 16, 2021 Venus X

Keep your body moving even on cold days! This article will show you how to stay active and fit in winter. But the first thing is, don’t forget to get yourself a heated winter jacket.

Buying Guide for Heated Jacket

Jul 15, 2021 Venus X

As winter approaches, it's time to get your closet ready for the freezing cold outdoor activities. Read this buying guide and find your favorite heated jacket.

How Venustas Helps Night Shift Workers

Jul 13, 2021 Venus X

We are so honored to hear that our heated outerwear has become the trusted item for many night shift workers. And it even benefits a night shift nurse who has been fighting against the COVID-19.

10 Winter Photography Tips You Should Know

Jul 12, 2021 Venus X

Here are the best winter photography tips to help you get outside and take fantastic pictures this winter. To make your work time more comfortable, heated outerwear is worth trying.

6 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Dog

Jul 09, 2021 Venus X

The suggestions below will help you to spend quality time with your dog. Find a way that you’d like to practice, put on your jacket with heater, and then go out with him/her.

Warm and safe: Exercise During Pandemic Winter

Jul 07, 2021 Venus X

To keep your body in good condition this winter, you should try some exercise during the pandemic. This article will show you the key to exercising in winter and recommend winter workout clothes for you.

[Ultimate]Tips for Winter Swimming

Jul 06, 2021 Venus X

While there are so many advantages of winter swimming, there are also risks. Some dangerous situation does occur if you jump into the water without preparation. This article will help you stay safe and enjoy yourself.

How to Keep Warm on Construction Site

Jul 05, 2021 Venus X

For construction workers, the working condition will be harder due to the harsher elements in winter. Here are 8 tips for you to stay warm when working on a chilly construction site.

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