How to Charge Venustas Heated Jacket: The Fact You Need to Know

Apr 21, 2023 Little V

It’s great that heated jackets come with quick, comfortable, and long-lasting warmth to beat the cold. And it becomes increasingly popular. So, do you know how a heated jacket work and how to charge it?

5 Best Heated Gloves Buying Guide and Comparison in 2023

Apr 20, 2023 Anh Nguyen

Once the temperatures drop, it's time for our favorite winter activities. At this time, you need adequate warmth to keep you from freezing, including a good winter jacket, boots and maybe even a pair of heated mittens.

Why 7.4V battery is better than 5V battery?

Apr 19, 2023 Little V

Heated jacket batteries are what a heated system depends on to generate heat. And 7.4V batteries and 5V batteries are commonly used. So, which one is better and why?

Which Heating Elements Are More Effective?

Apr 19, 2023 Little Sloth

If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of heating elements, this article will provide you with comprehensive information on their features, working principles, advantages, and disadvantages.

Are Heated Jackets More Expensive than Down Jackets?

Apr 18, 2023 Little V

Heated jackets and down jackets are great options to keep toasty in freezing. Is there any difference between them? Most people believe that the former costs a lot.

Can I Interchange Batteries from Different Heated Jackets?

Apr 17, 2023 Little V

Batteries are what heated jackets depend on to power heat. That’s why batteries are so important. And users sometimes wonder whether one heated jacket battery can be used with other jackets. Well, this article will guide you to get deepen sight into this issue.

Can I Wear a Heated Jacket Anywhere?

Apr 14, 2023 Little Sloth

Do you have inquiries pertaining to the permissible usage of heated jackets? It can be noted that heated jackets are generally wearable in numerous settings, though specific places may prohibit their use, such as plane, stadiums, etc.

Everything about Venustas Heated Jacket Washing Instructions

Apr 14, 2023 Little V

 Is there any difference between washing heated jackets and ordinary clothes? Is it OK to put the heated jacket in the washing machine? Please read this passage about Venustas heated jacket washing instructions.

What All Do You Need to Purchase with a Heated Jacket?

Apr 13, 2023 Little Sloth

Are you want to get comprehensive information regarding heated jackets? Please read this article, the crucial aspects covered in it include heating elements, fabric, battery pack, battery life, and warranty, and also introduce some heated apparel brands.