Our story

Our Story

Since the establishment of our company, we have been on the mission to develop accessible products that does not limit us to any environment.. We believe that the world is your oyster. Ready to be explored in any condition to uncover the beautiful wonders of life.

Our story began when my wife and I took a trip to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The conditions were cold, and we knew we had a challenge on our hands. The harsh climate was made worse by the many layers of clothing we had to wear just to keep warm. Fatigue set in and I could visibly see that my wife was no longer having a good time. While the reward of adventure is made all the sweeter through the trials and tribulations along the journey, all I could think of during that hike was how could I set free my wife’s beauty amidst her struggles with the environment.

I decided to work on a prototype jacket that’d allow my wife to be free from all cumbersome layers of clothing, so that she could enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. I recalled the Colorado climb and inspired by Botticelli’s the Birth of Venus, named it Venustas.

Our story

We took a jacket and worked on many prototypes until we landed on what you see today. Our bestselling product, our Men's Heated Jacket with integrated 7.4V battery pack, is an insulated, windproof coat with a detachable hood. It’s success had a snowball effect and has led us to go beyond heated jackets and into the Venustas innovation lab. Venustas is constantly developing new offerings that best fit your adventurous world.

We believe that everyone deserves great products that are affordable. This is why we are proud to open up our platform for your feedback. We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. Without the adventurists, travelers and explorers there would not be a curious world waiting to be discovered.

Driving technology with an inclination on adventure. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop accessible products that do not limit us to any environment. We believe that the world is your oyster. Ready to be explored in any condition to uncover the beautiful wonders of life.

Our Vision

Driving technology with an inclination on adventure.

Our mission

Our Value


Expanding on the idea of Venustas doesn't just limit itself to heated jackets but other products that make sense for the brand and its customers.


Originality and individuality is important to connecting to our audience of varying backgrounds and cultures. Original by design and original by value will help everyone feel welcomed.


Diversifying the brands target and outlook is an important value of Venustas to seeing the larger potential audience out there who could benefit from heated apparel. Diversity then becomes an important value for building community and trust.


Simply put, being simple is key to the strategy. Being able to present and deliver innovative tech and products in a simple fashion is a strong virtue and value of Venustas.

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