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Love this jacket. The jacket is very high quality and will keep you very warm, even below freezing. The material is very durable, yet soft to the touch. It also has multiple pockets for storage and a detachable hood.

Bryan Woods

Nevada, USA


Venustas heated clothing lets us stay warmer outdoors longer without excessive extra layers. It lets people who naturally feel cold stay out in the snow longer and more comfortably.

Doug Ryan

Michigan, USA


I recently tried out Venustas heated vests to wear under our ski jackets on cold days. They help give you that extra bit of heat on cold lift rides. They also work great for outdoor hikes and walking on cold days.


Colorado, USA


For over a year now, I’ve been wearing Venustas heated vest for every occasion where I could find myself being cold. From camping, after surfing, hiking, working and even outdoor dinners, Venustas is always there to save the day.

Sasha kassis

Colombia, CA

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